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In a recent review of Tech, I traced the cause of course failures case failures directly to out-comm.
Further search revealed HCOB 17. 4. 1961, Training Drills Modernized was not in! Nowhere in the world!
This means HAS Comm Course failures. HDC auditing failures, Supervisor failures – you name it, any failure in an org is traceable to SOFT TRs.
This can get so bad that London once had „Permissive Public TRs“ going! They wanted a rewrite so the TRs would be pale and patty cake enough for the public! Oh wow, oh wow. There went London!
An FEBC has just told me that she and her twin in an Academy were once ordered to cramming because they had been six hours on TR Zero without completing it. Oh wow, oh wow. There’s where that org went.


Hard Way TRs demand for a start, two hours of no twitch, no blink, no eye redness, no unconscious, no wiggle TR Zero.
That’s been required since 1961. But who did it. Only a few.
So there went our elated SCN public coming Whee! off an HAS. There went our auditors. There went all upper courses.
A while ago I got hold of our toughest course supervisor and I told him, „You get TRs in the hard way on every interne! And he began.
Really real TRs beginning with Zero. Like the bulletin.
Using a photo timer (a 12 hour timer with a button on top you hit to restart it) and restarting it at each twitch, flunk, wiggle, eye redness, wobble or wander, TR Zero has started a wave of wild enthusiasm and case gain and established auditor skill that brings an avalanche of Success Stories at tone 20. Just TR Zero! Done „the hard way“.
It’s taking up to 50-60 hours on some to get in a real 2 hours of blinkless, twitchless total confront TR Zero on field veterans.
Explains all. When people can’t confront they flub!
Here is a list of TR Zero phenomena (even before bull bait is done) just given me by the current TR Course Supervisor here on Flag:

„During the past week I have observed a pattern that emerges on a person when he sits down to do TR Zero the „hard way“.
The phenomena is uniform in every person observed.

1st The person dopes off, goes anaten or goes to sleep.

2nd Eye watering, redness, a burning sensation. This manifestation is usually the worst for the student to confront and is resisted the most. It may last for a few hours or several days. This is the period when most students attempt in some covert or overt way to blow course even if for only a few moments.

3rd Glee hysterical laughter. This comes in waves. The student will laugh long, hard and loud for periods, or in line charge.

4th Student becomes very solemn and in a state of „hopelessness“ or it can’t be done thing.

5th Student exteriorizes, has Cogs and VGIs.

Changes observed on specific students:

1) Student A (SO Executive) – Laughed for four days almost continually. Enormous Reality change. Eyes much brighter, face features changed. Certainty.

2) Student B (A Key SCN Exec with former case trouble) – Went through a very heavy body motion thing for six days – severe jerking of the shoulders – almost like a coma. Yesterday he come out of it with tremendous Cogs. Said he felt great and his machinery was broken down.

3) Student C (An FEBC Grad) – Took off his glasses, and has not put them back on, said he didn’t need them. Looks extremely bright. This happened his second day on TR Zero.

4) Student D (An FEBC Grad, OT) – Turned on somatic in the neck – it blew. Said he was totally exterior, not worried about his body and was practicing just being there. Eyes very clear.

5) Student E (An ex school teacher) – Notable case change much more at cause although at this time he needs more work on his TRs.

6) Student F (A famous celebrity) – From social facade to certainty. Much more causative. Lost 10 pounds.

7) Student G (A veteran Course Supervisor) – Changing valence often heavy anaten running off – large resistance to being controlled. Doing well though.“


So right in your hands you have a magic tool IF YOU APPLY IT.
This means it will take some enrollees on an HAS Course weeks just to get through plain Zero. But when they do, wow, have you made a Scientologist! You have to level with them „Now look,“ you have to tell the newcomer, „this isn’t an easy course. In fact, it’s hell. But when you’ve managed it, you wouldn’t sell the result for a million.“
On brand new people (HAS) you get TRs in on a gradient. TR 0, 1. 2, 3, 4 round and round, each time a little more exacting. First time he reads the HCOB and does Zero. You ignore the blinks etc. give him a win of being able to sit in a chair! Then 1, 2, 3. 4. If he fails 3, back to Zero. Keep him winning. Keep it getting more exacting. Finally, no blink, no swallow, no red eyes, no twitch two hour zero. And the hard way with the rest of the TRs. You keeping him winning but you don’t let him off the HAS until he’s made it up to TRs total bull bait.
TRs the Hard Way means your auditor courses will begin to produce stellar auditors fast because your academy (and SHSBC) (and Class VIII) Zero must be passed, really passed. And so must the other TRs all the way to nine. All the total hard way.
Look, begin to use TRs the hard way on Public, Tech and Admin beings and you’ll drop out 80% of your troubles and begin real org expansion.
The Mini Course Super Hat should have this.
TRs are now being taught this way to Course Supervisor students on that course.
We’re in Power on the Planet with stats. We have to deliver, deliver, deliver.
Your first org step to big production is TRs THE HARD WAY.
There is no more important org step that you can take to get your products soaring!

L. Ron Hubbard

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