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(Reissued & corrected 3 Oct. 71. Only change –
[page 79] word ”arrived” corrected to ”aimed”.
Correction in this type style.)

C/S Series 6


In Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health considerable stress is placed on the words and phrases in engrams. This is still functional. However as I did further research I found that (a) many pcs were unable to get the words in the engram and (b) the apparent force of the words was derived wholly from the pain, emotion, effort contained in the engram. In Standard Dianetics the words in an engram play no major role in the auditing.
The use of the words to de-aberrate and concentration on phrases in engrams is valid but junior in force to the pain, misemotion, etc in the engram. Thus if you run out the force the words drop into insignificance. This is often how the pc gets cognitions: the words and mean-ing concealed in the engram are changing value and devaluating. The pc can then think clearly again on a subject previously pinned down by the force. Get the force out and the words take care of themselves and need no special handling.
The meaning of things plays a secondary role in processing to forces.
Thetans find counter-forces objectionable. Almost all chronic (continual) somatics have their root in force of one kind or another.
In that the handling of things with bodies involves force to greater or lesser degree, in-capability and derangement of mental values is proportional to the thetan’s objection to force.
This objection descends down to a wish to stop things. It goes below that into over-whelmedness in which propitiation and obsessive agreement manifest themselves.

The low TA is a symptom of an overwhelmed being.
When a pc’s TA goes low he is being overwhelmed by too heavy a process, too steep a gradient in applying processes or by rough TRs or invalidative auditing or auditing errors.
A low TA means that the thetan has gone past a desire to stop things and is likely to be-have in life as though unable to resist real or imaginary forces.

Chronically high TAs mean the person can still stop things and is trying to do so.
However, all one has to do is restimulate and leave unflat an engram chain to have a high TA. High TA is reflecting the force contained in the chain.
An ”over-run” means doing something too long that has engrams connected with it which means an engram chain with too many engrams on it being restimulated by life or audit-ing. Hence Over-run.
If this overrun persisted unhandled eventually the pc would be overwhelmed and one, in theory, would have a low TA.

Mental masses, forces, energy are the items being handled by the C/S on any pc.
If the C/S loses sight of this he can wander off the road and go into the thickets of sig-nificance.
Engrams, secondaries, locks all add up to mental masses, forces, energies, time, which express themselves in countless different ways such as pain, misemotion, feelings, old percep-tions and a billion billion thought combinations buried in the masses as significances.
A thetan can postulate or say or reason anything. Thus there is an infinity of significanc-es.
A thetan is natively capable of logical thought. This becomes muddied by out-points held in by mental forces such as pictures of heavy experiences.
As the masses and forces accumulated and copied from living build up, the logic poten-tial becomes reduced and illogical results occur.

The pc is continually searching for the significance of a mass or force – what is it, why is it.
The C/S is easily led astray by this.
All forces in the bank contain significances.
All forces can be unburdened and lightened up by the various procedures of auditing.
The search of the pc is for significance.
The action of the C/S is reduction of forces.

The E-Meter records what force is being discharged in every slash, fall and blowdown. The amount of TA per session is the C/S’s index of gain.
Note that a discharged process no longer gives TA and gives case gain.
The amount of significance recovered or realized by the pc only shows up as cognitions.
As the TA works off the case, then one has two indicators:
1. There is needle and TA action.
2. The pc cognites.
One shows that force is coming off. Two shows that thought is releasing from force.

If a C/S processes toward significance only he will get cases that do not progress.
The needle action detects not so much significance as where the force is.
Diving toward significance the C/S winds up shortening grades, looking for ”magic one-shot buttons” and overwhelming cases by shooting them on up the grades while levels re-main loaded with force.

When a pc gets no more TA action on Level I he will have made Level I and will know it. He will therefore attest to ”No problems”.
The reliable indicators are TA action and cognitions while a level is still charged.
Diminished TA action and cognitions mean the purpose of the level has been reached.
A feeling of freedom and expansion on a subject is expressed in a normal TA and a loose needle.
The pc will now attest to an ability regained.

To process only to F/N and even chop off the cognitions on a process abuses the indica-tor of the F/N.
You can find many pcs who bitterly resent F/N indications. They have been:
A. Not run on all the processes of a level;
B. Still have force on the subject;
C. Were chopped off before they could cognite.
The proper End Phenomena for a process is F/N Cognition VGIs. Now look at that carefully. That is the proper end phenomena of a PROCESS. It is not the end phenomena of a LEVEL or even of a TYPE of process.
Let us say there are 15 possible Scientology processes for orienting a pc in his present location.
To run one of these 15 and say, ”F/N that’s it. You’re complete,” is a Quickie impatient action that rebounds on the pc eventually. If there are 15, run 15!
Possibly the pc on no. 12 will cognite he’s really right where he is. Only then could you cease to work at it.
An F/N Cog VGIs tells you a process is finished, not a whole class of actions!
Thus 2½ minutes from 0 to IV is not only impossible, it is murderous. It will result in an overwhelm, a low TA or a high TA eventually.
Level I says, amongst other things, ”Problems Processes”. There are certainly half a dozen. Each would be run to F/N Cog VGIs. When these and the other processes of the Level are run, the pc will come to have no further reaction to problems and will be able to handle them.
A cognition in lower levels is not necessarily an ability regained. Thirty or forty cogni-tions on one lower level might add up to (and probably would) the realization that one is free of the whole subject of the level.
It is safe to run more processes. It is unsafe to run too few.

It is not enough for the pc to have only negative gains of deleting force. Sooner or later he will have to begin to confront force.
This comes along naturally and is sometimes aided by processes directly aimed at fur-ther confront. ”What problem could you have?” sooner or later is needed in one form or anoth-er.
What force can the pc now handle?
All auditing in a body – and any living in a body – makes a being vulnerable. Bodies break, suffer, intensify pain.
Sooner or later a pc will go Exterior. The Interiorization Rundown must be ordered as the next action or you will have a pc with a high TA. 2-way comm Ext-Int must be given in a following session (not the same one) so the full cognitions will occur.
After this the pc is less subject to the body and his ability to confront force will im-prove.
Do not be too worried or surprised if after this the pc has some minor accident with the body. Exterior he forgets its frailty. However, such things are minor. He is ”learning how to walk” a new way and will run into chairs! He gets this figured out after a while.
Pcs sometimes improve their ability to handle force while interior so as to have mysteri-ous headaches or new body pressures. Inevitably they have been exterior and need Interioriza-tion run. They were just using too much force while still inside!
Thus force is the thing, significance very secondary.
Force of course is made up of time, matter, energy, flows, particles, masses, solids, liq-uids, gasses, space and locations. All this gets inherently handled in processes published long since.
The pc tends to dive for the thought imbedded in the force. He will tell you he’s being processed to find out who his parents were or why he is sterile or who did him in, etc, etc. The C/S who chases after this is a deerhound illegally chasing mice!

The C/S is there to make certain that the pc makes gains and attains the actual abilities of the level.
The C/S is for the pc.
C/S auditor control exists only to keep the auditing standard, the TRs good, the pro-cesses ordered done and to End Phenomena each one.
No other reasons for C/Sing exist.