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I have found that 600 milligrams of Vitamin E (minimum) per day assists
Scientology processing very markedly.

Data on Vitamin E applied to other fields is available from Webber
Pharmaceuticals, Ltd, 14 Ronson Drive, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. An excellent
popular book on Vitamin E in its various uses is available from booksellers.
It is Your Key to a Healthy Heart: The suppressed record of Vitamin E by
Herbert Bailey, published by the Shilton Company, Philadelphia. The Shute
Foundation for Medical Research, London, Ontario, Canada, pioneered the
subject and will give general advice.

In Johannesburg due to high altitude, no pc may be processed who is not
taking at least 600 mg per day of Vitamin E.

The apparent action of this Vitamin is to oxygenate the blood and inhibit
the body from pulling in mental messages due to oxygen-energy starvation.

In areas where it is against the law to recommend vitamins this HCO B
does not apply.

Vitamin E, according to Bailey, is suppressed because it cures heart
disease which furnishes 50% of the revenue of the U.S. medical doctor.

I read the book by Bailey and did some experimental work with Vitamin E
with interesting success. Webber Pharmaceuticals has airmailed me further

It is useless, I believe, to take less than 600 mg per day and lesser
doses have little or no reaction on processing. One has to take it for two or
three days before it begins to have any effect.

The most direct result is quite measurable on an E-Meter. Reads of the
needle become longer. Tone Arm action increases.

It works by itself but is best taken with an old-time "Guk Bomb". The
formula of the "bomb" is variable but is basically 100 mg of Vitamin B1, 15 gr
of calcium, 500 mg of Vitamin C. If you add 100 mg of old-time nicotinic acid
(not niacinamide) and take it daily it becomes "Dianazene" for radiation
prevention. Don't include nicotinic acid in the formula with Vitamin E unless
you are trying to get rid of radiation or radiation sickness. The nicotinic
acid is not necessary to smoother processing and will not assist it. 100 mg of
Vitamin B1 lasts for only 47 minutes so far as processing is concerned. But it
helps in general tone. Vitamin E does not have a quick reaction so far as
processing is concerned, one merely takes it and as the days go by processing
is easier to do. It doesn't wear out in a session, but you have to keep on
taking it daily. 600 mg is the minimum. There is no maximum but some heart
cases take up to 1,250. Shutes in treatment of disease recommend 400-600 mg
per day for the average sized woman and 600-800 mg per day for the average
sized male.

It doesn't seem to matter to processing whether the Vitamin E is "Alpha
Tocopherol", synthetic or what. Just any Vitamin E apparently works.

Vitamin E assists a great many ills including diabetes and may have some
effect on many others.

It, even with "Guk", will not by itself release or clear anyone. When
dosage is discontinued what it "cured" might relapse. But while it is being
taken one feels fine and there's no reason to stop taking it.


To get the best results one should probably take 600 mg and a Guk bomb
each day, preferably after eating.

One person in a million is said to get an adverse "side effect" from
taking Vitamin E but it is not fatal and this may not even be true. The "side
effect" is said to be temporarily raised blood pressure.

If anyone makes this up into a single tablet be sure that the tablet is
not pressed so hard that it won't dissolve easily in the stomach.

Dianazene (for radiation) fails utterly when all ingredients are pressed
together into one tablet.

Vitamin E is generally available but sometimes has to be specially
ordered. It is useless to buy it in less than 100 mg tablets. Preferably 200
mg tablets of it should be bought. However it is bought, just be sure there's
enough of it (300 to 600 mg). Small quantities don't produce any effect at
all, which is why the medicos earlier missed its value.

Anyone's auditing can benefit from it but at Levels VI and VII it becomes
quite vital.

Oxygen causes the body to attract mental image pictures less. Carbon
dioxide pulls mental images hard in on the body.

Vitamin E, oxygenating the body, acts mentally like taking oxygen. The
body can go longer on less oxygen and becomes less exhausted when taking
Vitamin E in sufficient quantity.

The body is of course a carbon-oxygen engine running at a temperature of
98.6 degrees F. There is possibly less oxygen in Earth's atmosphere than there
was and the body runs better when it can better utilize what oxygen there is.
Vitamin E assists it to do this and so it doesn't pull in mental masses. At
least that's the theory I've been able to work out to account for the observed
increase in E-Meter action in the preclear who is daily taking sufficient
Vitamin E. When the vitamin is no longer administered, in about 24 hours the
preclear begins to run less easily (same as before Vitamin E plus any auditing
gain) and the needle read size returns to what it was before Vitamin E was
used. When Vitamin E is again daily administered, in two days, meter behavior
improves again.

I have not had time to do many series but the observational data is so
marked that it's like proving stones are solid. One doesn't feel like
repeating the experiment endlessly -- it is so obvious.

A mental subject addressed reads longer (more reads) in the presence of
Vitamin E than in its absence but clears more thoroughly, leaving less mental

I only insist that persons in England on the Level VI and VII Courses
should use Vitamin E and that Saint Hill preclears for Grade V be put on it
and only forbid pcs to be processed without it in high altitude Johannesburg.

The cost of it is the pc's. No org is to supply it. Webber
Pharmaceuticals, Ltd can probably direct one to better supplies or brands of

We are not in the Vitamin business or even in the health business. Anyone
else using it in processing does so at his or her own choice. This HCO B is a
release of scientific data.

Vitamins are food. They are not drugs. Processing under drugs is very
bad. Some vitamins, however, help. And Vitamin E is a wonder.

Copyright $c 1965
by L. Ron Hubbard
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