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Word Clearing Series 23


In Word Clearing the troubles are actually very few.
However there are a few.
It is possible for an auditor or student doing word clearing on another to get misunderstood words himself unless he also looks at the definitions and understands them at the same time he is clearing them on the other person. This requires no extra step. In fact it would be rather hard not to also see the definition of the word.
A person trying to “blow” (leave) and refusing further Word Clearing almost always has a HUGE misunderstood on some word not yet located. The correct action is to get him back and FIND AND CLEAR THE WORD.
Not getting a good result using Methods 1, 2 or 3 is cured by using the Word Clearing Correction List, HCO B 21 July 71, Revised 9 August 71.
This Correction List applies to all methods of word clearing.
For instance, if Method 2 goes sour and the student “knew all the words anyway” or “doesn’t understand it any better” or is critical or demonstrates any other unfavorable reactions which do not win through, there is always Word Clearing Correction List.
This list is done by a Class III or above auditor. It is quite miraculous.
Example: Student badly bogged after Method 2 by his twin. Handling: A Class III auditor does the Word Clearing Correction List on him.
The Correction List is handled as per HCO B 14 Mar 71, “F/N Everything”. In other words, one takes all reads on it to Floating Needle. Any other list called for by reads on the Correction List is taken to F/N and when that called-for list F/Ns then one considers that the Word Clearing Correction List line has F/Ned. (Correction List reads on 4. List Error. The auditor takes a list called L4B which corrects lists and makes every read on “L4B” F/N. Then “4. List Error” is marked “F/N”.)
The technology of handling a Word Clearing Correction List is all covered in the general materials of auditing.
Not knowing how to use a Meter can cause trouble.
A special Course in using an E-Meter is available. The E-Meter Drill Book gives all the drills. It does not take long to learn. Also E-Meters are abundantly available today.
Learning to be a Class III or preferably a Class IV Academy Auditor is not difficult IF one uses word clearing!
All word clearing is done under the discipline of The Auditor’s Code.
One’s “TRs” (TR = Training drills for auditing) can be straightened out on a TR Course on which one learns to confront, to speak so one can be heard, to acknowledge, to be able to repeat commands and to handle originations by the student.
Troubles in word clearing, then can be listed as coming from lack of training. So anyone doing word clearing should organize himself to (1) Do a TR Course, (2) Learn to use and acquire an E-Meter, (3) Learn the Auditor’s Code and, (4) If not one already, learn to be an Academy Class III Auditor.
Knowing how to do 1 to 3 above is essential to do Method 2 Word Clearing. And the skills under (1) to (3) are very easy to acquire. Further, it is not all that difficult to become a Class III Auditor.
People sometimes think only someone who wants to be a professional auditor studies in the Academy, a false impression. One can’t imagine how a father or businessman or mother or clerk or official could succeed without knowing the basics of human reaction and how to handle them. Someone who is a Class III or Class IV knows how. The real professional usually becomes a Class VI and the real experts are the VIIIs, IXs and Xs. It’s a matter of how expert you want to be. A Flag Ship Class XII could turn a severe mental case from raving lunacy to not only sane but bright and normal in about 8 or 9 hours and a normal person to a genius in 15 to 20 hours.
But here we are dealing with the whole range of the human mind.
In word clearing Method 2 one certainly should know his “TRs”, his Auditor’s Code and his Meter. And for Method 1 it takes a Class III Academy Auditor.
Almost all troubles will be found to stem from an omission of these requirements AND not using Word Clearing on the materials one is studying to achieve these skills.
Very few troubles actually will be encountered if this HCO B is followed.
Word Clearing IS a precision technology and there IS something to know about it as it has never before been known.


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