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Scientology has succeeded in bringing the predictability of the natural sciences into the humanities. Practically every natural scientist before LRH has attempted this, but none has succeeded before now.
“There are 20 separate items in scientology and dianetics that are as solid as one of these test tubes.” This has nothing to do with ivory tower figure figure. Scientology is a practical subject that has nothing to do with anyone’s beliefs.
Policing of behavior is the rule today. It is based on what no one knows about. People become slaves to their ignorance of right and wrong. In such a time, one needs a practical wisdom. Whole countries have gone by the boards because their wisdom wasn’t practical. For instance, India and China. Their “wisdom” always went with poverty and degradation. People’s woes, difficulties, and failures stem from their ignorance, their darkness about the mind. They had no knowledge of the rules. The world needs a practical science, the parts of which are clearly visible. Having this, one can see into men’s hearts, know them, and live.
One of the twenty things is the brain. It is a shock absorber which prevents electronic currents from injuring the beingness of the person. It has less to do with controlling motor actions than commonly believed. People with brain damage have had function restored with dianetics. Another of the “things” is the human nervous system. The nervous system also serves for warning, control, and arrest of pain, or absorption of pain. Another couple of things are the human body and the physical universe. Also, lock, secondary, and engram. Real things.
Another thing is the overt-motivator sequence. It is a very low-order sequence. This falls out when a person ceases to be reactive, because it is based on and is a Q and A with Newton’s law of interaction (Second Law of Motion). It is more serious than, “If you do something to Joe, he will do something to you.” It is used by people who are into a big Q and A with MEST. It justifies stockpiling A-bombs, etc. There’s more to the overt-motivator sequence than Newton’s law. If Joe hits Bill, he will believe he should be or has been hit by Bill and gets a somatic to prove it. So if someone does an overt, he will get or believe he has already gotten the motivator.
The scales and cycles of dianetics and scientology are things, not figure-figure. There’s the cycle of action (create, survive, and destroy, in its most crude form). It is an apparency, but demonstrable.
“The human mind is the bag of tricks the thetan invented to keep himself from getting bored to death in this universe and has then considered too complex to understand and has gotten himself into serious trouble with.”
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