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The Sunshine Rundown is a brilliant new rundown that adds sparkle to the State of Clear.
It is the next step after the DCSI on the Grade Chart.
It is done Solo but does not require a Solo Auditor Course as a pre-requisite. The Solo Auditor Course is the next step after the Sunshine Rundown. (Academy training may also be done after the Sunshine Rundown, not further processing.)
It may only be delivered in Class IV Orgs or higher orgs.

The auditing a pc receives up to the point when he goes Clear is subjective (i.e. the pc looking inward into his mind and down the track). The DCSI which follows picks up any loose ends of BPC and rehabilitates the State of Clear; it too, is subjective. The Sunshine Rundown is an extrovertive action that puts the Clear into communication with the present time environ-ment, perhaps for the first time. Certainly it is the first time that he is in direct perception of the environment, without a bank in the way.


The Clear is audited on the DCSI, the folder C/Sed and sent to declare the State of Clear. After the declare, the auditor (or a D of P qualified to do so) hands the Clear the enve-lope containing the Sunshine RD, ensures that he understands the instructions and sends him off to do it.
When the Clear completes the Sunshine RD to its EP, he goes to the Examiner and at-tests to having completed the Sunshine RD and writes a Success Story.
His certificates for the State of Clear and for the Sunshine RD must have been prepared in advance by Certs and Awards and routed to the Registrar.
The Clear is routed from Success Officer to the Registrar. (His attestation and Success Story are put in the folder and sent to the C/S, but the Clear is not held up for this.)
The Registrar presents the certificates, congratulates him and informs him that his next step is the Solo Auditor Course (or training to Class IV) and signs him up for it right away. Where the film, The Solo Auditor, is available he should be shown the film.
The Clear should then be started on his training as soon as possible and will be eager to do so. (But if there are any bad indicators, notify the C/S and Qual Sec immediately.)

The C/Sing is very simple. When the DCSI is complete, the C/S C/Ses the folder to:
1. Examiner to declare the State of Clear.
2. The auditor (or D of P) to issue the Sunshine RD envelope.
When the folder is returned to the C/S with the Sunshine RD attestation and Success Story, the C/S checks these to ensure that all is well – or acts instantly to get the Clear re-viewed.
The only possible errors on the Sunshine RD itself are that it was overrun or not com-pleted.
But a bad indicator after the Sunshine RD would be most likely to be due to an earlier outness, missed on the DCSI or even that the person was not Clear after all. (But that would mean that the auditor and C/S had goofed badly on the DCSI.)
The first action to take if the DCSI was successful, but the Sunshine RD was not, would be to have an auditor fly the ruds and then meter check whether the Sunshine RD is overrun? Incomplete? If overrun, indicate and rehab as needed to F/N. If incomplete, send the person off to complete it and then to Examiner to attest, Success Story, etc.
If the above did not fully resolve the matter, or if there is any doubt about the DCSI, or if the Clear exhibits BIs (Bad Indicators) later (including not moving up the Bridge), C/S for a “C/S 53 to F/Ning list” – by an auditor who has done the Assessment Drills (per HCOB 22 Apr 80).
Should it turn out that the pc was not Clear, repair any upset and return the pc to NED DRD or NED (whatever step the pc was on). And retread the auditor and C/S and get the au-ditor’s TRs and metering in per HCOB 22 Apr 80 ASSESSMENT DRILLS, before attempting another DCSI or Sunshine RD.
Fortunately, these errors and repairs are not likely to be necessary and you will find that the Sunshine RD is very easy to C/S and extremely rewarding.

Be sure to ensure the confidentiality of the Sunshine RD. Do not permit it to be spoiled for others by carelessly leaving the materials where they can be read or by discussion of it with-in the hearing of others. Ensure that the instructions are handed to the Clear in the envelope provided, which must be clearly marked as confidential. It could spoil the rundown for another if he were to read or hear the instructions and self – audit on it before the appropriate time.
Always report any breach of security to the Ethics Officer and GO.
Ensure that when people are signed up for the DCSI that they are also signed up for the Sunshine RD at the same time, that they sign a promise not to reveal the materials nor to dis-cuss them with others who have not had these rundowns or within their hearing.
Ensure that Success Stories on Clear and Sunshine RD do not contain confidential statements or excerpt these out before posting or publication. (Also ensure that plenty of these Success Stories are made known.)
Always deliver the DCSI and Sunshine RD as a package, preferably the Sunshine RD should be done the same day that the person declares Clear. There must be no delay from the attestation to the Sunshine RD and Success Story, to the Registrar. The Registrar must have the certificates to hand and the forms to enroll the person onto the Solo Auditor Course.
The Qual Sec and C/S must act instantly to handle any BI (Bad Indicator) following the Sunshine RD, should such ever occur, and wherever possible get the person to session and re-paired before leaving the org, or called in for repair immediately when the BI is noted.
If, for any reason, the Sunshine RD is not done immediately after the Clear declare, the auditor must fly the person’s Ruds (if there is no F/N) before issuing the Sunshine RD instruc-tions.
The Examiner must collect back the envelope and instructions when the person attests and must return these to the C/S.
Do not try to persuade a Sunshine RD completion to have other auditing, but encourage him to continue on up the Bridge. (The only exception would be when the Clear reaches a higher org for solo set up auditing, even then sufficient time must have elapsed for the Clear to enjoy his win – and it is a big one.)
If any abbreviation is used for the Sunshine RD, use “SunRD” so as not to confuse it with the SRD (Survival RD).
When the D of P or Registrar is Clear and has had the Sunshine RD (or if they are al-ready of higher case level) allow them to read this HCOB for their enlightenment. Then the D of P can issued the Sunshine RD instructions after the Clear declare, saving precious auditor time.
Ensure that the routing form for DCSI and Sunshine RD is used and ensure that the line is drilled to flubless before starting deliver – and from time to time thereafter. Although this is the hat of other executives, you as the C/S are also responsible to ensure that such drilling is done or even to do it yourself if necessary (C/S Series 56, 57). A well drilled line makes for smooth flubless service and higher quality, too.

This is a bright new rundown, use it and help me Clear the planet: Say, in five years?

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