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There are three Power Processes being run at this time.
They are known as the Source, Existence, and the Conditions Process.


SOURCE: That from which something comes or develops; place of origin; cause.

1. Tell me a source.
2. Tell me about it.
3. Tell me a no source.
4. Tell me about it.

The Source Process is ended when the preclear experiences brightness and solidity changes in the Auditing room. The preclear will comment that the room is brighter and more solid.

1. Clear the word “source” and the word “no source” by having the preclear look up the definition in the dictionary.
2. Clear the command, “Tell me a source.”
3. Clear the command, “Tell me a no source.”
4. Clear the command, “Tell me about it.”

The Source Process is used to get a preclear not only to answer the Auditing command and tell where it is coming from, but also to handle the preclear on the entire scale from NO SOURCE to TOTAL SOURCE to AWARENESS OF SOURCES.

One of the lowest levels of cases is the case who has never caused anything and who does not recognize that anyone else can cause things. This case is one of totally fixed attention units, all of which are completely fixated on something which is not there, but which is mean-ingful and malevolent; therefore, this case has sought the refuge of the non-existence of source to avoid this something. To such a case there is no existence, and no conditions. Recognizing no source, this preclear, therefore, has no auditor, is not himself there either, and of course, has never done anything. Preclears in this state can quite easily admit to having done most anything because in actuality they have not ever done anything.
Further, cases at NO SOURCE have no awareness of any emotion or sensation although they can exhibit physically the manifestations of emotion and sensation, but their awareness of doing so is nil or at the most a slight curiosity that their bodies are reacting in an odd manner. Everything is pointless to such a case as there is NO SOURCE and therefore no way to effect any changes. Such a case is self-invalidative, irresponsible, and speaks in total generalities, such reflecting the no source of causation. This person, too, is haunted by ghosts, delusions, and false Beings, all of which are phenomena of no source. The individual is quite theety-weety.
The perception of such a case as the NO SOURCE case is that the environment is either rather dark or transparent. An Auditor, to get reality concerning how the world looks to such a case, should look at the reflection of a room as mirrored in a window.

Up scale to a degree from the NO SOURCE case is the TOTAL SOURCE CASE, the case which is pretending to be total source when obviously the person is not. Here we have the megalomaniac, the self-assertive case, the pathological braggart, and the guilt case. Such cases think they cause everything or pretend to cause everything or think they have caused things they haven’t or pretend to cause things which they haven’t. Such cases are continuously mak-ing false assignments of cause. Such cases tend in two directions – because they are “cause of everything,” they are guilty for all that has happened or is happening or because they are “cause of everything”, they are in a state of fighting everyone else in their environment as fancied threats to their own false cause. In the latter case falls the paranoid who is certain that he is being “done-in” because he is so important that the “FBI is after him.” Such a case, if he recog-nizes other source at all, recognizes it only as a threat to him or as a bad causation which only he can right. Usually such cases as the TOTAL SOURCE case flip-flops between the two ex-tremes in his considerations – “he is either a guilty, horrible, blameworthy creature” or “he is a genius, a fantastic being whom others are trying to get at.” In auditing such a case as the TOTAL SOURCE case, the auditor for this preclear does not exist either, as such a preclear can admit of no other source or if the Auditor does exist, the Auditor is only to this preclear a source of distraction or a source of bad cause. If he is in propitiation to the Auditor, it will be those “above the Auditor” who are the source of bad cause.
What the Auditor must recognize and know about both the NO SOURCE case and the TOTAL SOURCE case, and the various harmonics of such as dramatized on various dynamics, is that neither case can as-is, either because there is no source at all or because source is mis-assigned. As-isness can only occur with the proper assignment of source or authorship. Since the ability to perceive source is the key to solving problems, such people have enormous num-bers of problems, but never seem to describe the real problem; thus they seem quite baffling.

ATTENTION UNIT: A theta energy quantity of awareness existing in the mind in varying quantity from person to person.
FIXED ATTENTION UNITS: Attention units which are caught somewhere down the Time Track in one incident or another in the form of entheta.
GENERALITY: A general or nonspecific statement which is applicable to all and used to con-note a statement made in an effort to either hide cause or to overwhelm another person with the all-inclusive.
MEGALOMANIAC: A person who has delusions of grandeur, wealth, power, etc.
DELUSION: A belief in something which is contrary to fact or reality resulting from decep-tion, misconception, or misassignment.
PARANOID: A person with delusions, as of grandeur or, especially, persecution.

EXISTENCE: An existing state or fact of being; life; living; continuance of being; an occur-rence; specific manifestation.

1. What is?
2. What isn’t?

The Existence Process is ended when the preclear gets into present time. Some preclears are “stuck in present time.” In such cases they will begin answering in present time and then cycle back on the Time Track and back into present time, many times repeating the cycle from pre-sent to past to present to past to present, each time going less far into the past until they are finally “in present time” for many commands.

1. Clear the word “is” and clear the word “Isn’t” by having the preclear look up the definition in the dictionary.
2. Clear the question, “What is?”
3. Clear the question, “What isn’t?”

The Existence Process is used to unburden the engram the preclear is stuck in so the preclear can appear to come to present time. This process handles obsessive pretense, chronic alter-is, and dub-in, both in present time and on the track or objective dub-in and subjective dub-in.
With the Source Process, the Auditor improved the preclear’s ability to be aware of the sources of things. Now with the Existence Process, the Auditor is to improve the preclear’s ability to be aware of the existence of the actual and the non-existence of the inactual. This process removes the extraneous incidents off the engram in which the preclear is stuck so that the preclear apparently comes to present time.

PRETENSE: A claim, profession, or allegation which is falsely made or assumed or stated.
AS-ISNESS: This is the basic statement of Reality in the technology of Auditing and one of its major contributions. Instead of puzzling as to WHO made the universe or WHAT made it, the Auditor simply perceives that it IS. However, if you attempt to erase an “engram that didn’t happen” (dub-in) or get relief by running a problem that never existed, there is no case gain. Why? Because one can only confront or erase what IS, not an alteration of what IS. To AS-IS something is to look at it AS it IS really, without decoration, excuse, embellishment, dub-in, lies, twists, and all that. The alterations prevent the erasure of the actual IS-NESS of the exist-ence or the past or a problem, etc. One has to confront the truth of it without twists to erase it.
A preclear who twists things, looks at birds and calls them birds when they are really chickens or was “punished every day” when no one actually touched him, can not erase any part of the bank. Thus, one sees no Range Arm or improvement. The Pc is working on fantasy or reputational excuses and isn’t AS-ISing. This must be cured before a preclear can make any real gains. The way to handle it is by getting the preclear to gradually come to looking at things as they are. When the preclear can do this, he or she can now “AS-IS”, which is to say, erase bank by looking at it. This is the purpose of the Existence Process. The Pc does not have to understand why it works to have it work. It just works.
ALTER-IS: To introduce a change, and therefore time and persistence into an AS-ISNESS to obtain persistency. An introduction of an alter-is is, therefore, the addition of a lie to the real, which causes it to persist and not to blow or as-is.
OBJECTIVE DUB-IN: The manifestation of putting, unknowingly, perceptions which do not in actual fact exist, in the environment.
SUBJECTIVE DUB-IN: The manifestation of putting, unknowingly, perceptions which do not in actual fact exist, into incidents on the Time Track.

CONDITION: Anything called for as a requirement before the performance, completion, or effectiveness of something else; provision; stipulation. Anything essential to the existence or occurrence of something else; anything that modifies or restricts the nature, existence, or occur-rence of something else; external circumstances or factors. Manner or state of being. Proper or healthy state.

1. Tell me an existing condition.
2. Tell me how you’ve handled it.

The Conditions Process is ended when the preclear has a revivification of the engram in which he/she is stuck on the Time Track. It is preceded at times by anaten or a secondary engram (misemotional) or both.

1. Clear the words, “existing” and “condition” by having the preclear look up the defi-nitions in the dictionary.
2. Clear the command, “Tell me an existing condition.”
3. Clear the word “handled” by having the preclear look up the definition in the dic-tionary.
4. Clear the command, “Tell me how you handled it.”

The Conditions Process handles the engram the preclear is stuck in and knocks apart the stuck point on the Time Track. It is aimed at the preclear who is out of present time, but who is fighting a back track enemy as though it was in present time, and who is, therefore, solving a problem in present time which has ceased to exist in life. Because of this, the preclear is hostile, covert, and antagonistic.
The case of the continuing perpetration’s in present time is resolved with the Conditions Process. All of this case’s continual perpetration’s in present time are efforts to solve the en-gram in which the preclear is stuck.
The Conditions Process results in a revivification of this engram in which the preclear is stuck and thereby frees the individual on the Time Track so he can now really be in present time.
While the preclear will recall or remember many incidents, and while he seems to be in many, he is, in actual fact, only in ONE and has been there for a long time with other incidents piling up on it. The Pc will eventually REVIVIFY (relive) the actual engram briefly and come for the first time to present time. That is the end of the process.
A secondary (misemotional incident) has to have an engram (a moment of pain and un-consciousness) under it to be a secondary and remain in place. That is why it is called a second-ary. A preclear commonly goes through the secondary (misemotional) charge before he revivi-fies. Thus the appearance of a secondary is a sign that one is approaching THE engram.
One does not run the secondary or engram as an Auditor. One just goes on running the Conditions Process commands. It is a severe goof to stop or change processes just because the Pc has hit a secondary or the key engram. One runs the process exactly. When the Pc revivifies a few more commands usually gets him into PT and ends the process. It is a severe goof to overrun or underrun the process.

Sometimes persons who couldn’t run R-6 well have had end words fly off for a while when run on one or another of the Power Processes. This soon ceases and the Pc run quite nor-mally. It’s just their R-6 Auditing coming off.
However, the major symptom of overrunning the process is that the Pc, his “Time Track” blown by a revivification, begins to clear off real end words much like R-6EW.
If a Pc has revivified and the process is overrun, it can become quite severe in reaction, as the Pc will stick into the R-6 bank! However, a preclear can be overrun for several days without being smashed. But don’t do it.

PRESENT TIME: The time which is now and which becomes the past almost as rapidly as it is observed. It is a term loosely applied to the environment existing in now, as in “the Preclear came up to present time,” meaning the Preclear became aware of the existing matter, energy, space, and time of now. The point on anyone’s Time Track where his physical body (if alive) may be found. “Now.”
STUCK IN PRESENT TIME: The condition of a person being incapable of moving on the Time Track into the past. In actuality the Preclear is in some incident which forces him to be in the apparent present.
REVIVIFICATION: The bringing back to life of an engram in which a Preclear is stuck. The engram or some portion thereof is being acted out in present time by the Preclear. It is called a revivification because the engram is suddenly more real to the Preclear than present time has ever been. He re-lives that moment briefly. He does not merely recall or remember it.
AN ENGRAM: A mental image picture of an experience containing pain, unconscious-ness and a real or fancied threat to survival; it is a recording in the mind of something which actually happened to the Preclear in the past which contained pain and unconsciousness, both of which are recorded in the mental image picture called an engram.
ANATEN: A composite of two words, “analytical attenuation,” or partial or complete dilution or weakening of the functions of the analytical mind. The Preclear goes “unconscious” for a moment in the session.
A SECONDARY: A secondary engram is a mental image picture of a moment in the past con-taining misemotion – anger, fear, grief, apathy – where loss either is threatened or accom-plished. However, a secondary can not exist unless an engram underlies it.
TIME TRACK: The consecutive mental image pictures recording the consecutive moments of “now” through which the individual has lived. It consists of locks, secondaries, and engrams.

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