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Excerpt of the book Dianetics Today, page 344,

It happens all too often in Dianetic auditing that:
a. No further items on the assessment list read but,
b. The pc still has these somatics.
This is quite a problem. It cuts short the number of hours that can be delivered and leaves an unhappy pc.
But what do you know, the list isn’t null. It is suppressed or invalidated.
Here is where the Dianetic auditor bridges over into Scientology, to which this action properly belongs.
However, the great importance of the problem of a null or apparently dead list makes it necessary to teach the Dianetic auditor this technique.
Situation: No item on the health form or list now reads, one or more have been run, the pc still has symptoms that are on the list. But they won’t read.
Solution: The Dianetic auditor nulls by suppress „button“ and if needed, the invalidate button.
This is normally called „getting in the suppress button“ or getting in the invalidate button.“
It is called button because when you push it (say it) you can get a meter reaction.
All right, the list comes out all X – nothing reading.
The auditor, watching the needle out of the corner of his eye and also looking at the list (a trick you must be able to do so as never to miss a read on the meter), nulls down the list on all unrun items.
„On the item ‘dizzy feeling,’ has anything been suppressed?“
„On the item ‘painful head,’ has anything been suppressed? (read).“
Pc: „Yes, I suppress it all the time.“
Auditor: „Are you interested in running that item?“
Pc: „Yes! I kept wondering why it never read.“
The auditor then runs R3R.
In the case of invalidate, if suppress doesn’t read, one „puts in the invalidate button.“
Auditor, reading an apparently null list: „On the item ‘dizzy feeling’ has anything been invalidated?“ „On the item ‘sore feet’ has anything been Invalidated? (read)“
Pc: „Yes, because it didn’t read in the first place.“
Auditor: „Are you interested in running that item?“
Pc: „Yes!“
So the auditor runs R3R.
When the pc suppresses or invalidates something, the read transfers to suppress or invalidate, whichever he did. Suppress or invalidate now read, the item itself doesn’t until one puts the button (suppress or invalidate) in.
Don’t let a Dianetic pc off auditing just because his unrun list items won’t read on the meter.
Get in suppress and invalidate on the items as above.
It is a rapid action, not two-way comm between items. You ask the meter, not the pc.

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