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Word Clearing Series 4R



(From LRH taped briefing to Lt. Bill Foster 14 June 71)

Two way comm where it has been described has been described for the use of an auditor, not a supervisor of a course.
Supervisors not knowing this then run around itsa-ing students.
They let the students itsa and they think they are going to get some place.
It’s the most incredible scene that you ever heard of and the boom could go bust only on this one point. I’ve got it narrowed down to this.
Apparently no matter how many times the study tapes have been played, nobody has ever heard of them.
I watched a recent course run to find out how deep they would let the students struggle—how long it would stay bogged—and it would have stayed bogged from here on out!
And do you know what’s out?
It’s the study data tapes just that—and that’s all that’s out on a course.
So when they say „two way comm the students” you’ll find the supervisors instantly start to itsa them and are using auditor two way comm on these courses. It doesn’t belong on these courses.
I’ll give you now the total dialogue of a supervisor:
The supervisor shows interest. There can be a little bit of chatter, like—”I see you’ve just completed. Great!”—something like that, or he shows interest—”How are you doing?”
Student replies—”Ah well, I’m doing all right.”
Supervisor—”Now are there any words there in that, that you have misunderstood?”
Student—”No ... no ....”
Supervisor—”Well what is the word that you didn’t quite understand?”
Student—”Ah well . . . ah . . . this one.”
Supervisor—”Good. Now look that word up.... Now what’s the word in the paragraph above that, where’s that? . . . Alright let’s look that up. Now use it in a sentence a couple of times and I’ll be back in a minute.”
He comes back, the student gives him the sentences for it and straightens it out and he sees the student’s got it.
That’s the two way comm of a supervisor.
If a Supervisor does any other thing you’ve got a wrecked course. I’ve got the proof of it.
The way you teach a TR course is you give the student the bulletin and you have him read it. You don’t check the guy out on the bulletin, he just reads it.
When you come back you say, „Alright, have you read it?”
„Yeah. I’ve read it.”
„What word don’t you understand on it?”
You will find things like HCOB and TR, and you get those cleared up, etc.
I am having some roaring success stories from FEBC students who are through this.
One had gone through the bulletin 10 times and had found words he didn’t know all 10 times, and he was all of a sudden finding new things on the bulletin that he’d never heard of be¬fore.
Another student had gone through it 20 times with the same result and they were doing fine and getting down to TRs and passing them.
On a TR course you give them the bulletin and let them read it and you find what word they didn’t understand. That’s the routine.
Now that sounds so impossible—and it’s been on the study tapes for so long—that you wouldn’t believe that this thing is the key.
Do you know there were students there for 15 or 20 days until we started doing this, then all of a sudden there was a breakthrough and their enthusiasm started coming up.
They had been just going lose, lose, lose, out the bottom because supervisors were letting them itsa.
Maybe supervisors thought they were auditors.
They aren’t.
Neither are they supposed to give advice or tell students how—or ask them if they blinked or anything else.
The other thing they were doing was only emphasizing all the „can’ts”.
The students just went into despair.
This was because the supervisors were inviting all kinds of itsa and criticizing and so forth.
You may say, „Gee! Everybody knows it’s a misunderstood word.”
Yeh—but they don’t use it.
Now I’ll give you another one.
I set up a test so that each student was brought up to the D of T who had a meter on his desk and he’d ask them if they had anything they misunderstood—and see if they got a read on the meter.
If it didn’t clear up at once he’d send them back to get the definitions and look the thing up and of course use the word in a couple of sentences and then if it didn’t clear up he’d send them to the word clearer and really let them get worked over because it goes way back.
They even found a student who had a misunderstood word clear back into his last life.
There wasn’t any other two way comm and no other interest and they just about blew the roof off with student stat points.
This is the action of a supervisor and that’s ALL the action a supervisor does—and he can do that.
The course has plenty of dictionaries and so on.
But, the main point is, it is the misunderstood word. This has been proven again.
On a TR practical course it’s the misunderstood word and the misunderstood action.
On other courses it’s just misunderstood words and misunderstood words and misunder¬stood words, one right after the other.
As fast as they clear this up—up the student’s production goes.
It’s painfully slow on some of them at first and I suppose the supervisors have so many misunderstood words of their own that they just won’t key into doing this action and that’s what’s wrecking courses.
It’s elementary, and it’s the wildest discovery of all time but they don’t use it.
If it is used, your courses start running fast, your students start learning quickly and all starts going well.
Other course outnesses like supervisors not giving anybody a pack or no one to give checkouts are all administrative outnesses.
As far as actual supervision is concerned it’s this other line of handling misunderstood words.
The second that line is in there are wins all over the place.
The second that line is out there is no delivery.
If auditors are goofing, then in their training they have not been made to look up the mis¬understood word and a lot of itsa has gone on and people have evaluated for them. Then these auditors having made mistakes they never corrected with this tech, think they need something new to run on pcs, but they just wreck new tech too.
We are shooting for a target, using just this misunderstood word tech, of a reduction of time by about a third on all major courses.
Just using this misunderstood word tech. That’s all.
If some student is a totally slow student, you can get him back to the first bulletin or book he ever read and make him get every word in it he didn’t understand, and it will go up in a chain.
People on courses were being itsa’d to death.


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