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The following definitions are applicable to Scientology study technology:
CHECKSHEET: A list of materials, often divided into sections, that give the theory and practical steps which, when completed, give one a study completion. The items are selected to add up to the required knowledge of the subject. They are arranged in the sequence necessary to a gradient of increasing knowledge of the subject. After each item there is a place for the initial of the student or the person checking the student out. When the checksheet is fully initialed it is complete, meaning the student may now take an exam and be granted the award for completion. Some checksheets are required to be gone through twice before completion is granted.
CHECKLIST: A list of actions or inspections to ready an activity or machinery or object for use or estimate the needful repairs or corrections. This is erroneously sometimes called a “checksheet”, but that word is reserved for study steps.
CHECKOUT: The action of verifying a student’s knowledge of an item given on a check¬sheet.
TWIN CHECKOUT: When two students are paired they check each other out. This is different than a Supervisor checkout.
SUPERVISOR CHECKOUT: A checkout done by the Supervisor of a course or his assistants.
THEORY: The data part of a course where the data as in books, tapes and manuals is given.
PRACTICAL: The drills which permit the student to associate and coordinate theory with the actual items and objects to which the theory applies. Practical is application of what one knows to what one is being taught to understand, handle or control.
TWIN: The study partner with whom one is paired. Two students studying the same sub¬ject who are paired to check out or help each other are said to be “twinned”.
TWO-WAY COMM: The precise technology of a process used to clarify data with an-other for the other. It is not chatter. It is governed by the rules of auditing. It is used by Supervi¬sors to clear up blocks to a person’s progress in study, on post, in life or in auditing. It is governed by the communication cycle as discovered in Scientology.
METER CHECK: The action of checking the reaction of a student to subject matter, words or other things, isolating blocks to study, interpersonal relations or life. It is done with an E-Meter.
COURSE SUPERVISOR: The instructor in charge of a course and its students.
COURSE ADMINISTRATOR: The course staff member in charge of the course materials and records.
TECH SERVICES: The activity which enrolls, routes, schedules, distributes the mail of and assists the housing of students.
STARRATE CHECKOUT: A very exact checkout which verifies the full and minute knowledge of the student of a portion of study materials and tests his full understanding of the data and ability to apply it.
ZERO RATE: Material which is only checked out on the basis of general understanding.
BLOW: Unauthorized departure from an area, usually caused by misunderstood data or overts.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE: An authorized period of absence from a course granted in writ¬ing by a Course Supervisor and entered in the student’s study folder.
ROLL BOOK: The master record of a course giving the student’s name, local and perma¬nent address and the date of enrollment and departure or completion.
QUAL: The Qualifications Division (Division V of an org) where the student is examined and where he may receive cramming or special assistance and where he is awarded completions and certificates and where his qualifications as attained on courses or in auditing are made a per¬manent record.
CRAMMING: A section in the Qualifications Div where a student is given high pressure instruction at his own cost after being found slow in study or when failing his exams.
PROGRAMMING: The overall planning for a person of the courses, auditing and study he should follow for the next extended time period.
STUDENT CONSULTATION: The personal handling of student problems or progress by a qualified consultant.
HC: A HUBBARD CONSULTANT is skilled in testing, two-way comm, consultation, programming and interpersonal relations. This is the certificate especially awarded to persons trained to handle personnel, students and staff. These technologies and special training were de¬veloped to apply Scientology auditing skills to the field of administration especially. An HC is not an auditor but a consultant. HC is a requisite for Course Supervisors and Student Consultants.
SCHEDULING: The hours of a course or the designation of certain times for auditing.
OUT: Things which should be there and aren’t or should be done and aren’t are said to be “Out”, i.e. “Enrollment Books are out.”
IN: Things which should be there and are or should be done and are, are said to be “In”, i.e. “We got scheduling in.”
PACK: A pack is a collection of written materials which match a checksheet. It is vari-ously constituted—such as loose leaf or a cardboard folder or bulletins in a cover stapled to-gether. A pack does not necessarily include a booklet or hardcover book that may be called for as part of a checksheet.
MANUAL: A booklet of instruction for a certain object or procedure or practice.
POINTS: The arbitrary assignment of a credit value to a part of study materials. “One page equals one point.” “That drill is worth 25 points.”
POINT SYSTEM: The system of assigning and counting up points for studies and drills that give the progress of a student and measure his speed of study. They are kept track of by the student and Course Administrator and added up each week as the student’s statistic. The statistic of the course is the combined study points of the class.
COMPLETION: A “completion” is the completing of a specific course or an auditing grade, meaning it has been started, worked through and has successfully ended with an award in Qual.
SUCCESS STORY: The statement of benefit or gains or wins made by a student or a pre¬clear or pre-OT to the Success Officer or someone holding that post in an org.


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