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It will sometimes happen that a pc has a session and then three or four days later becomes physically ill.
The auditor may feel that auditing did it. It didn’t. The auditing given would have to be non-standard for this to happen, but the auditing is not to blame.
According to my friend Dr. Stanley Lief, over a century ago Hahnemann developed a healing technology known as homeopathy which administered minute doses of medicine. The original theory seems to have been that the disease or illness was still in the body and would be released. The person would be wildly ill again and then permanently recover. This is probably a poor statement of the whole subject of homeopathy and its basic techniques may have worked well but have been lost.
In any event, the phenomenon has application here.
We would say that the mental image picture of the incident was stopped at a “stuck point” and that it would “run out” of itself if it were unstabilized.
A touch assist can do this. The person may become wildly ill after one and then recover.
What apparently happens is that the chain of incidents becomes unsettled and the same incident on the chain in which the person has been stuck for a long while runs out physically. It completes itself, which is to say, it finishes its cycle of action.
At a hospital where I studied, this was part of the things I observed.
Medicine sometimes will not work on a patient. It works on others but not on a particular one.
If that particular one is given mental attention even as mild as brief Freudian analysis, it will be found that medicine will now work on the person.
This formed one of the first application discoveries I made. From it I inferred that function monitors structure and proceeded to investigate mental actions and reactions in the field of illness. From this came Dianetics some years later.
Mental therapy prior to 1945 was so ineffective, consisting only of 19th Century psychoanalysis and Russian and East European psychiatry, that no one else seems to have observed, then or now, that “mental blocks” are able to obstruct medical treatment of a real physical nature.
The proof is that when one even reduces the mental block slightly, medicines such as antibiotics or hormones will now be effective when they were previously ineffective on some patients.
It is this factor which gives purely medical treatment a somewhat random appearance. The patient is “stuck” at some point in time. Even inadequate handling of him mentally (such as a touch assist or a poorly or partially done session or even a “bad” session) “unsticks” the person from the frozen or fixed “stuck” point.

One of three things can now happen:
1. The person can be treated medically for his illness with greater effect.
2. The person in two or three days gets apparently sick or sicker but eventually recovers and is not subject to that exact sickness again – (it “ran out”).
3. No further result is noted.

These data are very useful to a Dianetic auditor or a medical doctor. A person can be ill and the illness not surrendering to the usual treatment. Brief mild Dianetic auditing can be done. The medicine may now work.
An auditor who specializes in keying out locks at the first F/N will find occasionally that his preclear becomes ill in two or three days from some occasional but longstanding illness which then “runs out” and doesn’t appear again.
An auditor who gives a non-standard, very poor session may find a preclear occasionally becoming ill within the next three or four days. The auditor and others blame the auditing.
Any auditing is better than no auditing.
Standard Dianetics is much more powerful than old Dianetics and should only be done by auditors trained to do it exactly.
Sessions which are non-standard should be corrected as soon as possible, certainly within two days or you may find the preclear beginning to go through an illness cycle.
The cycle was waiting to complete itself for a long time. The auditing unsettled it. It “ran out” physically because the pc was moved in time in the incident in which he has been “stuck”.
An understanding of this phenomena is necessary. It is useful data. Audit a pc badly, audit a pc too much to F/Ns on locks only, give a pc too many touch assists and you will find now and then that the occasional pc becomes physically ill, runs a temperature, etc. Before blaming yourself too much, realize the pc has often been ill in the past, that the mental cause of it has been loosened up and manifests itself and runs out physically. It is not fatal. That illness won’t recur again as it has in the past.
However, that it is not fatal to the pc is no excuse not to do a good STANDARD job of auditing.
If Standard Dianetics is used WITH NO DEPARTURE from its technology and procedure the phenomenon will not occur and no pcs experience a physical aftermath.
STANDARD DIANETICS taught precisely, done precisely, only makes people well.


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