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I have just finalized a new rundown concerning the handling of drugs. It is called the Sci¬entology Drug Rundown and it uses Scientology auditing techniques to handle drugs on Dianetic Clears who, of course, cannot be run on engrams and the New Era Dianetics Drug Rundown. This rundown will make or smoother gains up the Grades and OT Levels or the Di-anetic Clear because it will handle any charge on the case on the subject of drugs. And in some instances it could mean the difference between a case that is resistive and rocky and a case that flies in auditing.


It is very important to handle the effects of drugs, medicine and alcohol on a case. In the 60’s drug use became widespread in the culture and it was then that I discovered the need to audit out drugs as a first action on pcs. Drugs make it difficult to get stable auditing gains. In fact, a drug history makes one resistive case in many instances until the drugs are handled.
This requires both an objective and a subjective handling, The Purification Rundown and Survival Rundown are objective handling; they don’t involve or directly address the per-son’s own thinkingness to accomplish the intended results. These rundowns work wonders when done cor¬rectly.
Normally, the subjective handling consists of the New Era Dianetics Drug rundown, wherein the pc’s engrams and mental pictures concerning drugs are erased. The total package, then, is made up of objective and subjective handlings. Both are necessary to get the proper result. The objective handlings (Purification Rundown and Survival Rundowns) won’t do the whole job by themselves.
The case which has gone Clear prior to receiving a NED Drug Rundown has had no means of handling the subjective aspects of drugs until now. You must not run engrams on a Clear, so the problem we were raced with solving was: how do you handle a case’s charge on drugs if you can’t run engrams on him? Well, I’ve put together a line-up which solves this prob-lem simply and effec¬tively – the Scientology Drug Rundown. It accomplishes a necessary re-lease of charge on drugs, and thus helps to remove drugs as a case factor on Dianetic Clears and allows them to get the maximum gains out of the Grades and OT Levels.


The Scientology Drug Rundown handles charge on drugs with following tools:
1. Rehabbing chemical releases on drugs, which unsticks the person from masses pulled in during drug experiences or „trips”.
2. Recalls on drugs to handle the charge on drugs AND drug incidents.
3. Further Objective Processing to extrovert the person after the charge is handled.


Definition: RELEASE – When the preclear disconnects from the bank that is a release. When you take a thetan out of a mass that is a release. This is not the same as getting rid of the mass which is called Erasure. There are many releases which normally occur in audit¬ing. The Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart, displayed in any org, ex-plains these in detail.
Definition: REHAB (Short for REHABILITATION) – When the person was originally released he had become aware of something that caused the reactive mind to destimu-late at that point or become weak. This is a release. When the sudden point of awareness is again found, the release state can be regained or rehabilitated. The procedure of re-gaining a for¬mer release state is called a rehab.
Some years ago I made the discovery that drugs can give a person the sensation of re-leas¬ing from the bank while pulling in mass on the person at the same time. This is one of the factors which makes drugs as deadly as they are.
When such „chemical releases“ are located and rehabbed, the person becomes unstuck from mass pulled in during „trips“. This is covered in HCOB 23 Sept 68 DRUGS & TRIP-PERS
Drug rehabs were part of the original Class VIII Drug Rundown and are now reinstated as the first step of the Scientology Drug Rundown.


One of the oldest methods of processing we have in Dianetic and Scientology is the re-call process. It has been the mainstay of auditing techniques since 1951. It has a new applica-tion now on the Scientology Drug Rundown.
The charge a Dianetic Clear has on drugs can be released by running charged drugs us-ing simple recall techniques. On the Scientology Drug Rundown this is done after the drug rehabs.


In order to extrovert the pc’s attention after the recalls, one runs some objective process-ing. This isn’t a long parade of processes. It is just intended to get the pc extroverted in PT.


In order to deliver the Scientology Drug Rundown, any auditor must:
1. Be at least a Provisional Class III Auditor.
2. Have high crimed this issue and drilled the procedure until he can attest he knows it cold.
3. Have high crimed HCOB 19 Dec 80 REHAB TECH and thoroughly drilled the rehab procedures until expert.


The Scientology Drug Rundown is for cases who have gone Clear before having com-pleted a New Era Dianetics Drug Rundown. I discovered in 1978 that we had been far more successful in making Clears than anybody had guessed. A number of these Clears had attained the state prior to getting their drugs run out using Dianetics. Also, some went Clear while on the Drug Rundown itself and were left with charge connected with drugs. So the prerequisites for someone receiving the Scientology Drug Rundown are:
1. Is Dianetic Clear (but NOT in the Non-Interference Zone. See C/S series 73.).
2. Has not had a full NED Drug Rundown or was on it when Dianetic Clear was attained and so has charged drugs unrun.
3. Has done a successful Purification Rundown.
4. Has done the Survival Rundown or a full, thorough program of Objectives.
It will be pointless to run someone on the Scientology Drug Rundown without points 3 and 4 above well in, so don’t do it.


1. Fly the pc’s ruds so he is F/N, VGIs before starting the rundown.
1A. CONDITIONAL STEP: If the pc has never had an Original Assessment sheet done. on him, do one per HCOB 24 June 1978R, New Era Dianetics Series 5R, ORIGINAL AS-SESSMENT SHEET. Even though the pc is not going to be run on Dianetics, the Orig-inal Assessment Sheet must be done if he has never before had one in his auditing. This will provide the C/S, the D of P and the auditor with essential data on the case.
2. From the pc, get a list of each drug, medicine or alcohol he has taken this lifetime if one doesn’t already exist in the folder. Note the read the item gives at the exact end of the pc’s statement of the item. If a drug list already exists, it may-be used and a new list need not be made.
3. Clear the terms „release“ and „rehab“ And the rehab procedure with the pc if these have not been cleared previously Use HCOB 19 Dec 80 REHAB TECH. Make sure the pc has a good grasp of what rehabs are and how they fit into the Scientology Drug Run-down pro¬cedure as explained on page 2 of this issue.

1. R-factor the pc that you will now begin rehabbing release on drugs.
2. Clear the question „Did you go release on ________“ and let the pc know you will fill in the blank with an item (drug) off the drug list and that this is the question you will use to check for releases on each drug.
3. Take the first drug off the list and check the question with the pc, noting any instant read.
NOTE: Each drug will be checked for release whether or not the drug read when listed. You are looking for periods when the pc felt released while he was under the influence of the drug and this is not dependent on whether the drug is reading in PT. To repeat, each drug on the list is checked for release, reading or not.
4. If the question reads and the pc was released, find out how many times he was released and it will F/N. Don’t go at this too strenuously. It is a light action and the pc may F/N just on spotting that he had felt released on the drug.
5. If no read on the question but the pc says he did go release, check Suppressed or Invali-dated. (The Assert or Protest buttons may be checked if the pc is assertive or protesty about having gone release.)
6. If the question reads but the pc says he didn’t go release, the read is False or Protest. Find out which and handle.
7. If no read on the question, check Suppress and Invalidate. If still no read, leave off try-ing to rehab it. Instead, do Step 8.
8. If the pc didn’t go release on the drug (or if there is an ARC Break F/N while rehabbing it), put in ruds on the drug by checking and handling the following questions:
(a) „In taking (drug) was there an ARC Break?” ARCU CDEINR E/S to F/N.
(b) „In taking (drug) was there a problem?” Itsa E/S to F/N.
(c) „In taking (drug) was a withhold missed?” Pull it E/S to F/N.
An out rud can obscure a release, so after the ruds have been put in on the drug, re-check for a release. If still no release, that’s it. Drop it and go on to the next drug.
9. Occasionally a rehab won’t go to F/N even though the pc did release on the drug. If this occurs put in ruds on the period before the release using the following questions:
(a) „Before the release on (drug) was there an ARC Break?”
(b) „Before the release on (drug) was there a problem?”
(c) „Before the release on (drug) was a withhold missed?”
With the ruds in, continue the rehab.
10. If you get a release that just won’t rehab clear the following question and ask the pc „Did you take anything earlier on the track that was similar to (drug) ?” (When you find and rehab that earlier drug, the one which wouldn’t rehab also releases, so there is no need to go back to the one which was hung up.)
11. Repeat steps 3-10 as necessary for each remaining drug, medicine or alcohol on the drug list. Each item is checked for release whether it is reading or not. Of course, the rehab question itself must read before you proceed with any rehab steps.
12. When all the drugs on the list have been checked you can ask the pc is there are any other drugs he would like to add to the drug list. If so, add them, being sure to catch any read. Then, on any added items do steps 3-10 until all items on the list have been handled.
These steps comprise the first part of the Scientology Drug Rundown.

On this part of the rundown each reading drug on the drug list is run out using recall proc¬essing. PC INTEREST IS NOT CHECKED. If the item reads, run it.
0. CONDITIONAL: If the drug list used is one which already existed in the folder before the person went Clear the list would have to be reassessed at this point to see which items were reading in PT. It is possible that charge on some of the items would have keyed out or blown when the person went Clear and if the list were not assessed in PT, items might get run which do not have available charge. (Items added by the pc on step 12 of the Drug Rehabs Section of this RD are validly reading if they read when the pc listed them.)
1. Taking the item with the largest read (SF or better), run it in the commands below. (Clear a flow before running it for the first time)
NOTE: A flow must read before it is run as covered in HCOB 3 Dec 78 UNREADING FLOWS.
Flow 1: „Recall a time you took/had (drug being run).” Run it repetitively to F/N, Cog, VGIs.
Flow 2: „Recall a time you gave another (drug being run).” To F/N, Cog, VGIs.
Flow 3: „Recall a time another gave another or others (drug being run).” To F/N, Cog, VGIs.
Flow 0: „Recall a time you gave yourself (drug being run).” To F/N, Cog, VGIs. (Quad pcs only)
NOTE: Ensure the pc tells you what he has recalled. A pc may just recall the time and not tell you about it unless you ask him „what was it?“ or some such question.
2. When the first reading drug selected has been run to EP on each reading flow take the next best reading drug on the list and run it as covered in step 1.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all reading drugs have been run.
4. Reassess the items on the list which didn’t read on first assessment. Run any non-reading items as per step 1. Use the Suppress and Invalidate buttons as needed.
5. Repeat the reassessment of any unreading items (using Suppress and Invalidate as needed) until all reading items have been run.
When all reading items have been run, the Recalls on Drugs portion of the rundown is completed.

The final step of the Scientology Drug Rundown consists of running the pc on an objec-tive process. The purpose of this is to extrovert his attention after it has been introverted while doing the subjective parts of the rundown, Almost any objective process would do.
One wouldn’t rerun a person’s CCHs 1-4 or anything like that, but one might very well run an Environment Locational on the pc per HCOB 7 May 80, SRD Series 7, ENVI-RON¬MENT LOCATIONAL. Or one could do Reach and Withdraw on MEST loca-tions per HCOB 7 May 80, SRD Series 7, REACH AND WITHDRAW ON MEST LOCATIONS.
Which objective process gets run is not so important as the point that something must be run to extrovert the person’s attention. Whichever process is run it would be taken to a point where the pc was cheerful, fully extroverted and in present time.
This completes the rundown.


The Ability Gained of the rundown is „Freedom from harmful effects of drugs, medi-cine and alcohol and free from need to take them.“ Doing each step of the Scientology Drug Rundown fully will achieve that EP on any pc who is fully set up for it in the first place.
There are gains to be had from this rundown which might not be expected from such a seemingly simple set of actions. Run a pc or two on the rundown and you’ll see what I’m talk-ing about.
One thing which you may observe on pcs is a point of sudden resurgence during or near the end of the rundown. At this point, the pc comes up to PT and out of drug masses or ceases to be introverted and becomes extroverted (both of the above are the same thing – the phenom-enon of the person having been parked down the track due to drugs and then snapping up to PT), This is significant and shows that the EP of the rundown has been obtained.
Depending on the pc, this resurgence may happen suddenly, accompanied by a big cog, dial-wide F/N and VGIs, in which case, one would be safe to end off the recall steps of the run¬down. Any charge on drugs will have moved off. So you can run an objective process next and that would complete the rundown.
On other cases, the resurgence may not be as sudden, i.e. it will happen gradually with the pc rolling happily along, having his wins and cogs and feeling better session after session. He may remark that he is feeling more in PT and this is to be expected. In these cases, one con-tinues han¬dling reading drugs pc has run the ending objective process, if the auditing has been standard he will have come up to PT and out of drug masses Just the same as the pc who achieves this as a big win and sudden resurgence. The end product is the same in both cases.
It is very important, however, that the recall step is not ended simply because the pc has a good win which is mistaken for the EP. To do this could result in the auditor and C/S being accused of taking part in a very disreputable activity – quickying. And nobody wants to be hung with that kind of reputation!
If there is any question as to whether a big win the pc has had represents the resurgence being looked for, continue the rundown after the pc has had his win. You will be safe in doing this. No one thus far has shown evidence of overrun when continuing the rundown past the point of a big win (after the persistent F/N dies down, of course) and in completing the steps of the rundown. (As a note, that possibility does exist though, if the pc’s big win also happened to be the EP. Should this occur and the pc begin to manifest overrun of the rundown – and not simply overrun of a process or drug – then the EP is rehabbed and the rundown completed with the objective process,)
If no point of resurgence occurs in the pc, then something is amiss with the auditing the pc has received. An FES would have to be done to locate the errors and they would have to be repaired. The FES may have to only go back a few sessions or the whole case may need to be FESed.


Pcs often have big wins on these recall flows, followed by persistent F/Ns. When this hap¬pens it is wise to let the pc have his win so you don’t miss a reading drug or flow because of the F/N.
Occasionally the pc may run a flow that runs much longer and deeper than other flows.
Don’t be surprised if drug manifestations turn on while running certain drugs – they blow when the process is taken to EP. And don’t mistake the euphoria of a drug incident in restim for the EP of a flow.
It is not unusual for a pc to go through a revivification on this rundown. This isn’t any-thing to puzzle over though, as it is simply something which may occur on this rundown. If it does oc¬cur, don’t stop the process. Carry on and the pc will come through it.


Occasionally, a pc goes Clear in the middle of the NED Drug Rundown. In such a case, the correct thing to do is a verification and rehabilitation of the attainment of the state to full EP and resurgence, per the Dianetic Clear Special Intensive. After this is done, the Scientology Drug RD Recall steps are done on the remaining unhandled drugs which are now reading. You would have to reassess the unhandled portion of the drug first before doing any recalls to as-certain which drugs would now get run. The drug rehabs would not need to be done on these cases.


Once in a while a C/S will run across a Dianetic Clear who, despite having had a drug run¬down, still has unhandled charge, incident and masses in connection with drugs. Possible reasons for this are: drug residues left in the body which prevented auditing gains; lack of a full set of Ob¬jectives thoroughly done each one to EP; or poorly done or quickied auditing on the drug run¬down itself.
Such a case might be obvious from an FES of the drug rundown the person had. Where such things as no Objectives run or „run to EP in 3 minutes“, drug items unrun because the pc had „no interest“ in the item (which usually means the person was no longer interested in taking the drug), reading items left unrun or items not run to full EP, are obvious from folder study the C/S may find that the case would need the Scientology Drug Rundown. This would partic-ularly apply to Dianetic Clears who still manifested heavily the effects of drugs whether in au-diting, on post or in life (Ref: HCOB 8 Jan 69, DRUGS AND „INSANITY“ – NON COM-PLIANCE AND AL¬TER-IS applies in particular, but all the 1969 HCOBs on drugs as well as later issues would also apply and help the C/S decide whether the case is one which would benefit from the Scientology Drug Rundown.)
The point here is that a case that has gone Dianetic Clear and bad a poorly done drug run¬down could possibly hang up on auditing on the Expanded Lower Grades because of un-handled charge on drugs.
If this proved to be the case through folder study and other indicators the basic han-dling would be:
1. Purification Rundown.
2. Survival Rundown.
3. End of Endless Drug Rundowns Repair List.
4. Scientology Drug Rundown.
This battery of actions would handle any lingering unhandled drug charge or manifesta-tions on a Dianetic Clear due to botched earlier drug handling.


Never run Recalls on the same drug twice. Never run unreading drugs or flows. To do so may drop the pre-OT into more charge than one can easily get him out of. Should such hap-pen and not resolve by the usual means (rehabbing the overrun, indicating an uncharged drug or flow was taken up and shouldn’t have been or L1C on the session) the auditor can assess an L3RG and indicate any reads to key out the charge. No engram running would be done.
One should take care not to Q and A off the rundown into handling some other case mani¬festation or hidden standard, The purpose of the rundown is to handle drug charges ena-bling the pc to make case gain in his subsequent auditing (where other aspects of the case would be han¬dled).
An auditor can mistakenly let the pc itsa on and on if his TR-2 and session control are not in. This cuts down the effectiveness of the rundown. If the auditor doesn’t control this (without ARC Breaking the pc, however) he can run the pc’s havingness down and plow him in.
One must not audit this rundown (or any other, for that matter) over out ruds. If this has occurred, the action to take is to fly the pcs ruds checking for „audited over ______“ („Have you been audited over _______?“) or an L1C on the recent session or sessions.
Should the rundown be messed up it can be repaired with the End of Endless Drug Run¬downs Repair List.


We now have a method for handling drugs on a person with unhandled drugs who, be-cause he has gone Clear, should not be run on engram. It is essential to handle drugs as covered in this issue. Otherwise one is placing the pre-OT in jeopardy of wasting his auditing on the Grades as it will have been done over the bypassed charge of unhandled drug incidents. Once the pre-OT has attained OT III any remaining effects from drugs can be terminatedly handled on the OT Drug Rundown.
Using this simple procedure we can ensure that the Dianetic Clear attains all the gains pos¬sible in his Grade Chart auditing, quite in addition to the relief and expansion one experi-ences when freed from drug influences, as will occur on this new rundown.
We now have the means by which the effects of drugs can be effectively handled for any¬one at any position on the Bridge.

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