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Search and Discovery, done incorrectly (incorrect SP found) can make a preclear ill within a week or two after.
Assessment is a very proper skill. There is a great deal written on it and many tapes.
The common errors of assessment (aside from the usual Gross Auditing Errors) are:
1. Too short a list
2. Too long a list
3. Clumsy or improper meter handling
4. List getting suppressed
5. Item getting invalidated
6. Pc being allowed too much Itsa
7. Pc getting ARC Broken by under or over-listing
8. Auditor not letting the pc have his item
9. Whole list going live because the item was by-passed earlier on the list
10. Auditor not looking for good and bad indicators to see if he was correct in his assessment.
When the right SP is found the good indicators flood in and the pc does not cave in in 36 to 72 hours.
The bug in S & D is that one can almost get the right item. An item can be found that is nearly the right one. If the nearly right one is accepted the pc will be doubtfully more cheerful and may insist this is it. The pc however is still not quite sure. Inevitably that is the sign of a nearly right item.
The real reaction to the correct person is an “Of Course!” no doubt about it reaction.
It is the action of nearly finding the right one that may make the pc ill in the next few days or a week. One has restimulated the by-passed charge of the right one without finding it.
Remember that the real Suppressive Person (SP) was the one that wove a dangerous environment around the pc. To find that person is to open up the pc’s present time perception or space. It’s like pulling a wrapping of wool off the pc.
The SP persuaded or caused the pc to believe the environment was dangerous and that it was always dangerous and so made the pc pull in and occupy less space and reach less.
When the SP is really located and indicated the pc feels this impulse not to reach diminish and so his space opens up.
The difference between a safe environment and a dangerous environment is only that a person is willing to reach and expand in a safe environment and reaches less and contracts in a dangerous environment.
An SP wants the other person to reach less. Sometimes this is done by forcing the person to reach into danger and get hurt so that the person will thereafter reach less.
The SP wants smaller, less powerful beings. The SP thinks that if another became powerful that one would attack the SP.
The SP is totally insecure and is battling constantly in covert ways to make others less powerful and less able.
Scientology flies into the teeth of an SP. One will go to the most extraordinary lengths to try to injure Scientologists or an organization or a staff member.
But SPs existed long before Scientology and finding the basic SP around the pc just because of Scientology or the pc is a Scientologist is in actual fact unlikely.
Childhood is the most fertile area in which to locate the SP on the case. A child is weak and at the mercy of adults. It is this fact alone that gave all the cures Freud ever stumbled onto. The analyst accidentally located an SP when his work was successful. But then he proceeded to overrun and restimulate the patient without erasing. In other words he would not let the patient have his item. An hour with a meter in the hands of an expert auditor who can assess correctly will produce everything the analyst or Freud ever hoped to achieve and will do it invariably compared to the small results analysts did achieve.
But if you get one almost right, and not get the really correct SP, then you get the same phenomena that dogged the analyst-the pc gets better for a moment and collapses.
I am not saying you can permanently injure persons. The analyst techniques operated far more restimulatively than our S & D. They made the person talk about it for years!
But you can still give a pc a nasty cold if you miss on an S & D.
So don’t miss.
Do it correctly.
Find the correct SP.
It’s all correct if you assess by the book – complete list, not too long or too short. Correct item on the list. Good indicators then in. And no relapse for at least 2 weeks.
That’s how a real S & D is done.


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