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(Reference HCOB 28 Nov 1970, C/S Series 22, “Psychosis”.)

A technical advance has been made in relation to the inactivity, slowness or incompetence of human beings.
This discovery proceeds from a two and a half year intense study of aberration as it affects the ability to function as a group member.
The ideal group member is capable of working causatively in full cooperation with his fellows in the achievement of group goals and the realization of his own happiness.
The primary human failing is an inability to function as himself or contribute to group achievements.
Wars, political upsets, organizational duress, growing crime rates, increasingly heavy “justice”, growing demands for excessive welfare, economic failure and other age long and repeating conditions find a common denominator in the inability of human beings to coordinate.
The current political answer, in vogue in this century and growing, is totalitarianism where the state orders the whole life of the individual. The production figures of such states are very low and their crimes against the individual are numerous.
A discovery therefore of what this factor is, that makes the humanoid the victim of oppression, would be a valuable one.
The opening lines of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health comment on Man’s lack of an answer for himself.
The group needs such an answer in order to survive and for its individual members to be happy.


Robot Other-determined
band Oblivious

The exact mechanism of needing orders is to be found as an outgrowth of the mental condition outlined in HCOB 28 Nov 1970, “Psychosis”.
The individual with an evil purpose has to withhold himself because he may do destructive things.
When he fails to withhold himself he commits overt acts on his fellows or other dynamics and occasionally loses control and does so.
This of course makes him quite inactive.
To overcome this he refuses any responsibility for his own actions.
Any motion he makes must be on the responsibility of others.
He operates then only when given orders.
Thus he must have orders to operate.
Therefore one could term such a person a robot. And the malady could be called robotism.

Studies of perception undertaken since HCOB 28 Nov 70 reveal that sight, hearing and other channels of awareness decrease in proportion to the number of overt acts – and therefore withholds – which the person has committed on the whole track.
By relieving these sight has been remarkably brightened.
Therefore a person who is withholding himself from committing overt acts because of his own undesired purposes has very poor perception.
He does not see the environment around him.
Thus, combined with his unwillingness to act on his own initiative, there is a blindness to the environment.

(see P/L 14 Nov 70, Org Series 14)
Since he does not act upon orders he is taking responsibility for, he executes orders without fully understanding them.
Further he executes them in an environment he does not see.
Thus when forced to produce he will produce overt products. These are called so because they are not in actual fact useful products but something no one wants and are overt acts in themselves – such as inedible biscuits or a “repair” that is just further breakage.

The person is slow because he is moving on other-determinism, is carefully withholding himself and cannot see anyway.
Thus he feels lost, confused or unsafe and cannot move positively.
Because he produces overt products he gets slapped around or goes unthanked and so begins a decline.
He cannot move swiftly and if he does has accidents. So he teaches himself to be careful and cautious.

Group justice is of some use but all it really does is make the person withhold himself even harder and while a necessary restraint, nevertheless does not itself bring a lasting improvement.
Threats and “heads on a pike” (meaning examples of discipline) do however jar the person into giving his attention and channeling his actions into a more desirable path from the group viewpoint.
Justice is necessary in a society of such people but it is not a remedy for improvement.

Despite the viciousness of the truly insane, there is little or no real malice in the robot.
The truly insane cannot control or withhold their evil purposes and dramatize them at least covertly.
The insane are not always visible. But they are visible enough. And they are malicious.
The robot on the other hand does control his evil impulses to a great extent.
He is not malicious.
His danger mainly stems from the incompetent things he does, the time of others he consumes, the waste of time and material and the brakes he puts on the general group endeavor.
He does not do all these things intentionally. He does not really know he is doing them.
He looks in wounded surprise at the wrath he generates when he breaks things, wrecks programs and gets in the way. He does not know he is doing these things. For he cannot see that he is. He may go along for some time doing (slowly wasteful) well and then carelessly smashes the exact thing that wrecks the whole activity.
People suppose he cunningly intended to do so. He seldom does.
He winds up even more convinced he can’t be trusted and that he should withhold harder!

The robot gives many false reports. Unable to see, how can he know what is true?
He seeks to fend off wrath and attract good will by “PR” (public relations boasts) without realizing he is giving false reports.
The robot goes into morale declines easily. Since production is the basis of morale, and since he does not really produce much, left to his own devices, his morale sags heavily.

The body is a physical object. It is not the being himself.
As a body has mass it tends to remain motionless unless moved and tends to keep going in a certain direction unless steered.
As he is not really running his body, the robot has to be moved when not moving or diverted if moving on a wrong course.
Thus anyone with one or more of such beings around him tends to get exhausted with shoving them into motion or halting them when they go wrong.
Exhaustion only occurs when one does not understand the robot.
It is the exasperation that exhausts one.
With understanding one is not exasperated because he can handle the situation. But only if he knows what it is.

Potential Trouble Sources are not necessarily robots.
A PTS person generally is withholding himself from a Suppressive Person or group or thing.
Toward that SP person or group or thing he is a robot! He takes orders from them if only in opposites.
His overts on the SP person make him blind and non-self-determined.

The basic reason behind persons who cannot function, are slow or inactive or incompetent and who do not produce is
The exact wording of this WHY must be done by the individual himself after examining and grasping this principle.
If one writes this principle down on the top of a sheet and then asks the person to word it exactly as it applies to himself one will attain the individual why for inaction and incompetence. It will produce GIs and F/N at the Examiner.

Physical work in the physical universe, general confronting, reach and withdraw; and Objective Processes go far in remedying this condition.
Touch assists regularly and correctly given to proper End Phenomena will handle illnesses of such persons.
Word Clearing is vital tech to open the person’s comm lines, wipe out earlier misunderstoods and increase his understanding.
PTS tech will handle the person’s robotism toward SP individuals, groups or things. To this and the PTS Rundown can be added the WHY above as it relates to the things or beings found as suppressive as a last step.
The why above can be used in Danger Formula work such as HCO P/L 9 April 72, Correct Danger Formula, and HCO P/L 3 May 72, “Ethics and Executives”. Other individual whys can exist in these instances.

The miracle of well done perfectly executed Expanded Dianetics eradicates both insanity and robotism. Drug handling and other actions may be necessary.

The end product when one has fully handled robotism is not a person who cannot follow orders or who operates solely on his own.
Totalitarian states fear any relief of the condition as they foolishly actively promote and hope for such beings. But this is only a deficiency in their own causes and their lack of experience with fully self-determined beings. Yet education, advertising and amusements have been designed only for robots. Even religions existed to suppress “Man’s Evil Nature”.
Lacking any examples or understanding many have feared to free the robot to his own control and think even with horror on it.
But you see, beings are NOT basically robots. They are miserable when they are.
Basically they prosper only when they are self-determined and can be pan-determined to help in the prosperity of all.

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