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Checksheet Issue II

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(HCO Bulletin of 23 September 1968, a Class VIII Confiden-tial Bulletin edited and reissued for information of Auditors handling GF-40.
NOTE: This does not cancel or replace HCOB 23 Sept 1968 which contains further vital data for the Class VIII Auditor.)



Hypnotism, “psycho” analysis, “psychiatry” and other implant type therapies often key in and jam the track.
These characters here, on any other planet and on the whole track dramatize implanting. The “therapy” involved would be a temporary relief brought by suggestion.
The wrong data of the “science” itself operates as a whole track lie. Getting well or able depends on establishing truth. These “scientific” lies are alterations of actual laws.
We often note electronics men have a rough case time. This traces to the lies Man uses for his “electrical science”. As the subject is based on false assumptions, it itself tends to aber-rate.
Therefore we get out of the road any former “therapy”. We can rehab any moment of release in it, handle any overrun, etc.
We also do a New Style Remedy B to get old therapies spotted and run back.
The only cases which hang up are:

1. Unaudited cases (lies about grades, etc).
2. Drug cases (who seek in processing the delusions or madness which exhilarated them on drugs).
3. Former therapy cases. (In this or past lives.)
4. Out of valence cases.
5. Cases who continue to commit overts on Scn.
6. Cases “audited” with their ruds or grades out.
7. Seriously physically ill cases (where the illness makes too much PTP in PT).
Of all these the former therapy case is apt to be the roughest as any auditing session can be reactively mistaken for the “treatment”. The next roughest is the drug case as a false exteri-orization often occurs on an enforced basis and may go into restim.
Some drug takers go plowing back into early implants and drug therapies so the two get crossed up on a case.
To isolate the reason for a highly resistive case or high TA you can assess the above 7 items and get a clue. Don’t limit it to this lifetime. And don’t do it so as to key the person in hard on things he wasn’t in. And don’t do it unless the case is very hard to get a gain on.
Engram running of a crude sort can be found hundreds, thousands or billions of years ago and consists if it appears, of an overrun. They didn’t know much about it and overran them badly.
Implants, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, hypnotism get all snarled up with sex as these birds would commonly (and do) stage insane sex scenes. They violate the children and wives of officials even today to produce a degrade and to make a scene so insane that the “patient” if he remembers it really thinks he is insane. And if he tries to tell anybody (or if she tries to tell her husband) it’s a prompt mess, so these “practitioners” hide their activities in this fashion.
The trouble with such former “therapies” and electric shock, etc, is that it:

(a) groups track by the command of the practitioner
(b) sends the pc to the start of track WAY back and sticks him there out of PT.

The keynote of piloting through messes like this is to (A) Know what kind of a mess it is and (B) Don’t EVER force a pc back track or into anything he doesn’t want to confront easi-ly.
Drugs force the person back into these messes and stick him.
One of these former therapy or drug messes is only hard to untangle because they are full of incredibles. The pc doesn’t accept them or just try to see what’s in them.
The basic rule in any case is Reality is proportional to the amount of charge removed and so Reality can be increased simply by removing charge. These surges of the needle as well as the BDs of the TA are “charge coming off”.
Anything eventually resolves if the pc just keeps on getting charge off.
The earliest charge is the most important.
Charge off the exact grades is the most valuable.
But ANY charge off will make it, even on former “therapies”.

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