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CONFESSIONAL, 1 . sec checking done in session not for security purposes is called a confessional. (HCOB 14 Oct 72) 2 . modern confessional is not earlier style security checking, this is new tech. F/Ning every item, getting questions asked to F/N, not some other question. (FBDL 245, 23 Nov 72) See also SECURITY CHECKING and INTEGRITY PROCESSING.
HCO CONFESSIONAL The term “I am not auditing you” only occurs when a Confessional is done for justice reasons. Otherwise the procedure is the same. (By “justice reasons” is meant when a person is refusing to come clean on a Comm Ev, B of I, etc., or as part of a specific HCO investigation when the person is withholding data or evidence from such HCO personnel.) A Confessional done for justice reasons is not auditing and the data uncovered is not withheld from the proper authorities. Any other Confessional is auditing and is kept confidential. (HCOB 30.11.78)
INTEGRITY PROCESSING, that processing which enables a person, within the reality of his own moral codes and those of the group, to reveal his overts so he no longer requires to withhold and so enhances his own integrity and that of the group. (BTB 4 Dec 72) Abbr. IP.
PREPCHECK, 1. sec checking = security checking, so it couldn’t be used as a purely auditing action for the pc. So I had to have a new word. Prep for preparatory to auditing. It’s a forerunner of ruds. (LRH Def. Notes) 2. preparatory check. A process. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 3. on a prepcheck run each reading item (SF, F, LF, BD) from the assessed list of items on the prepcheck buttons. Each button is run to F/N, Cog. Take up each reading button in turn until you get full EP for the subject. (BTB 10 Apr 72R)
PREPCHECKING, 1. a way of cleaning up a case in order to run Routine 3D Criss Cross. I developed prepchecking in order to get around an auditor’s difficulty in “varying the question” in pulling withholds. Auditors had a hard time doing this, hence prepchecking. Prepchecking became more important than a “rote procedure for sec checking.” The target of a prepcheck question is a chain of withholds. The purpose of prepchecking is to set up a pc’s rudiments so they will stay in during further clearing of the bank. (HCOB 1 Mar 62) 2 . the reason this is called prepchecking and the reason it isn’t called withhold system and it isn’t called anything else but prepchecking is it’s preparatory to clearing. (SH Spec 114, 6202C21) 3 . is the system of getting each rudiment in with a crunch, so it’s more or less permanently in during the auditing in 3DXX and that’s prepchecking. (SH Spec 110, 6202C13) 4. There are 20 Prepcheck buttons, which are used in the following order: SUPPRESSED EVALUATED IN VALIDATED CAREFUL OF DIDN’T REVEAL NOT-ISED SUGGESTED MISTAKE BEEN MADE PROTESTED ANXIOUS ABOUT DECIDED WITHDRAWN FROM REACHED IGNORED STATED HELPED ALTERED REVEALED ASSERTED AGREED WITH
SECURITY CHECKING, 1. remedying the compulsion or obsession to commit actions which have to be withheld, i.e. we are remedying unreasonable action. (SH Spec 100, 6201C16) 2 . a check made to see whether a person has any counter-intentions toward Scn or Scientology Churches. (Abil 218) Abbr. Sec Checking.
Virtually any charged subject or area can be prepchecked. The buttons are used to take charge off the subject. A question is formed around each of the buttons, and each question is run repetitively to F/N, cog, VGIs. The button is prefaced with the subject (“On going to school,” “On auditing,” etc.) or with a time limiter (“Since last August,” “Since your last session,” etc.). Both subject and time limiter can be used. Thorough use of the Prepcheck buttons will blow the charge from that item. (HCOB 7.9.78R)
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