TECH BRIEFING No2 Frankfurt, October 26th,1984 by Capt. Bill

TECH BRIEFING No2 Frankfurt, October 26th,1984 by Capt. Bill

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Web auditing in any place on the planet

Frankfurt, October 26th, 1984
by Capt. Bill Robertson/Astar Paramejgian
Hello again !
The first tech briefing was on the OTC's operation in Frankfurt to set up a delivery center here
going up to OT III and possibly beyond.
This week I want to talk about the organization, the reason for the organization, in respect to
the tech, and how it protects the technology.
I have given this lecture once in Spain, but we didn't record it. It was very well received there.
I try to give it without a blackboard, because many people will hear it on tape. Normally I
draw a picture, but I will try to make a picture, so that you can hear it.
Many of you have studied green on white and red on white, and you know that one is the
technology of auditing and training, and one is the technology of organization and ethics.
How do they relate to each other, why are they both important, and you can t just throw away
one and use the other without having a serious consequence?
To look at this, let s go back to 1950, and let us imagine, that LRH has come to earth to
handle the aberration on the planet. All by himself. Now you know that he was working by
himself when he wrote Dianetics. So, if you imagine, now I make a drawing, and up here I put
a thetan, LRH, a theta symbol at the top. That’s LRH, a person, a being, that is clear enough
to observe that the planet is aberrated, and wants to do something about it. So he writes up
Dianetics and researches it. And now we draw down below here at the bottom a big ball,
which represents earth. And on it we put a lot of little black dots, which represent aberrated
people or beings. Some think they are bodies, some think they are animals, and some think
they are robots, and, anyway, they are aberrated. And around this ball down here with the
black dots we draw a whole bunch of little waves and squiggly lines, all representing their
banks interconnected, and the aberration that is being dramatized on the planet. A whole
bunch of little lines there that looks like a mess, like spaghetti thrown on the floor.
Now, the thetan up here, LRH, takes one of these points, with the little bit of squiggle, that is
with that point representing a person and his bank, and audits him. And we see that, halfway
between here, we see, that this guy has come up here and has been audited, and a lot of that
has gone away, a lot of the spaghetti. And we repeat that process. He must have audited many
people in his research, so we put a whole bunch of dots in the middle here, and with not too
much spaghetti around them.
Now we see, if you take the viewpoint of LRH, how long it would take to handle all the dots
on the planet, if he did it all by himself, when there is about a billion thetans in human bodies
and plenty more just floating around, not even having a body or stuck into some part of the
MEST universe. It s a long and tough job for one person, one being.
So he trains one of these dots up here, that he has already audited, and he trains, let s say,
about half of them as auditors. And he sends them down into the planet with all the dots there
to audit. And they disappear into the spaghetti. They make a little bit of space there, where it
is a little bit cleaner than the other space. You can erase some of the spaghetti where these
little dots went back onto the planet. But they are not really high enough up as OTs to keep
themselves totally keyed out and carry on and repeat exactly as LRH did, because they are not
quite all the way up there.
And some of them stop auditing and go back into the spaghetti, and the little space disappears
around them.
So, if you are looking from the viewpoint of LRH, he says, "We need something now to
protect the auditors and help them confront that bank, that spaghetti, that aberration. They
keep drowning."
So, what do you do here? You divide the parts of the spaghetti into their component areas of
aberration because some people have aberrations more about communications, or they are
PTS, or they have aberration about money, or they have aberration about doing something
without approval, or they can t operate on their own, because they don t have anyone to
support them, or they have some problem in their own case, which makes them not confront
all the spaghetti around their area. Or they are afraid to get into conflict with the government
or the other powers that be around, and the authorities that are around the planet telling them,
that psychology is the only way to handle the mind and so on. Or they are afraid of getting
into trouble with the government or the tax people.
Now, so you divide all of these fears and put an expert in charge of each one. And you
surround the auditor with these people, or you surround more than one auditor with these
people. And you have each of them trained to handle that portion of the bank, exactly. So,
you then put that onto a pattern or a plan.
And in 1965 he released the final plan on that, which was the Org Board.
Did you notice, that the people, who handle communication successfully, just communicating,
no matter how aberrated someone is, they are people who like to do that. Yes, they are always
pleasant, and they don t key in, those are good people for reception. And there are those,
who can confront evil very well, and they are good for ethics people. And there are those,
who can confront the problems and aberrations about money very well, and those become
good registrars and treasury people. And of course the auditors can confront the individual
bank and so on if they can get the safe space. Or they are the tech people and the qual people.
But the qual people are more high than the tech people, because they can also confront the
aberration of the organization, to try and keep it all sane in the organization. They also correct
not only the tech people but also the organization as well.
And then there are people, who like to play with groups, and can confront groups and are not
afraid to stand on a stage and talk and lecture to people and all, and they become a Div 6. And
there are those that like to run things and can confront a lot of things, and these people
become executives.
And there are people, who like to confront the governments and someone like that, and so on,
and they become members of the GO.
You realize, that these qualities, although the people are trained to do this, trained to
confront, they also must have some inherent purpose or ability in that, that they have retained
or kept from the track, or have that degree of OT-ness in that area, that they can do it well.
And that is, how you get your first people on to post, the ones you find, that have this sort of
ability left over from the track, that didn't get suppressed or aberrated.
I'm sure, you have all heard of people, that come into the org and right away they do real well
on the post without any training. But, if you move them into another post, they go "Whoof".
That is because they need to have trained and processed out the aberration of confronting the
other area.
But as you get trained and processed on all the levels of the bridge and policy, you can then
confront all of it and become an executive. And yet you know some people, that, when they
get linked into a managerial network of managers, who are controlling not only one org, but
many orgs, that some of them failed terribly, didn't confront it, and went back just becoming
an auditor and confronting one person at a time.
This is only a problem of handling a persons case and their confront level, and their training of
course. But in the beginning you have to start with something. So, LRH put in a rule, in
policy, to handle the fact that not all of them have got to be totally handled and processed at
the beginning. He made them make an OT-postulate of their necessity-level so that the rule
became: "No case on post". Very important. Because, wherever that happens in an
organization, it makes a weak point.
No case on post. You follow the policy and the tech. You operate at cause, like the auditor
does. In the TRs the auditor learns not to have a case when he is auditing the PC. The same
applies to people in the organization.
So now you can have a successful organization to protect the auditing and in this ball down
here you can spread out a much larger area of clearing. And in the Div 6 you can train
everyone that comes through the organization to go out and start the small groups in the field,
or in the spaghetti area, to also start their own little group of clearing supported by the large
group called the organization.
These are expressed in the Volunteer Minister s- programs, the Gung Ho Group- programs or
OT-Gung Ho Groups, and the Dianetic Field Auditor- program, and the programs for setting
up franchises and missions, and FSMs.
So you can start to see, that the whole of policy is designed to put strong points into this
aberrated planet, of relatively clean theta, which can then expand and can themselves put other
points out into the environment, which can then expand, and which can meet together, and
finally the spaghetti will disappear as people get trained and processed.
And you also can see now the starting of a flow. We bring these little black dots into the
beginning of the organization with all the spaghetti around them, and we bring them through
the organization; reception, registrar, treasury, tech services, training, auditing and in qual for
the examinations and certificates and the feed back line of review to make sure, that
everything is OK, and finally to Div6, and they are then hatted to go out into the field as
FSMs or as field auditors, or volunteer ministers or franchise holders or whatsoever.
Now you see that flow, and as it goes through in the organization, and the people each time
they come through the organization they are going up the bridge, higher and higher.
Theoretically this is a machine, this is a clearing machine. Do you see how it is? It brings in the
dirty particles, cleans them off and sends them out, and then it brings them back through
again, cleans them off some more and sends them out,and so on and so on. And it sets up
more and more little organizations to do that. Look at the basics of gradient scale here. It s
not cleaning them all totally the first time. It s doing it on a gradient. The gradient scale is
called the bridge. And it moves up on a gradient to Clear and then up to OT. That is the flow
and the pattern that LRH designed to protect the auditing and to make sure this clearing
machine works on the planet.
Once you have this machine in operation, it is very difficult to stop it. About the only way to
stop this machine was to move in at the top and turn off the switch.
You notice, that the people at the top of the organization, LRH, MSH, Quentin, even myself,
Diana, Bill Franks, all these people were the most heavily attacked by the take-over people. It
is understood, that before 1980 there was still aberration in this machine, because it is a
gradient, it wasn't intended to be perfectly right at the beginning at every level.
We maybe can do that on the next planet we clear because everyone will be all trained and
processed and ready to go, when we go to do it. But in this one it was doing it with the tools
that were available, since it was a restricted zone planet, and not only the technical
experimentation was done here, but also the ethics/policy - experiments. The people, or
beings, who originally volunteered to do this mission with LRH, immersed themselves all into
the spaghetti for many many lifetimes, to actually test the validity of the technology in getting
them out of the spaghetti.
When this was proven that it could be done, it was also proven of course, that it was not
dangerous anymore for this planet to be restricted so that thetans could not come here. In
other words, you would not contact a fatal theta-disease and never get well again. Because
the technology existed to get people back up to their original state of whatever it was when
they came to the planet, when they started their voluntary mission. These were the people that
Ron asked for to help him in the Sea Org and Sea Project. Since they were already members
or volunteers from other civilizations, and they were already dedicated to helping LRH, that
was their original agreement.
And some members of, well let s say galactic network organizations, such as the Patrol and
the Biological Survey and various other interested scientific groups, these people were the
ones that LRH was showing "Hey, let s get back together in the Sea Org here". And that s
why they had the billion year contract, because those people would respond to that, because
they were already on a long purpose line before they came here.
Of course anyone who has found out how successful the technology is was also invited to join
if they wanted to take that purpose.
So today, the situation is that the organization had a couple of faults in it. All were either
covered by policy already and were just ignored -in fact all the situations including infiltration
and take-over could have been handled by following policy more rigourously.
This has been analyzed, and we will not repeat the same mistakes that were done at that time.
In short, there are some policies, that become now more important than other ones to prevent
that type of thing from happening again. All of them you see already being employed in the
Free Zone. And one of them is the fact that you don t make a total step ladder of command,
where no one can communicate to some one higher in the organization without going through
all people in between for information.
The information about the take-over, infiltration and all the problems that occurred with the
GO and so on was known at certain levels of the organization, but was prevented from getting
to the top. That s covered in my debrief tape.
This time we have it as a network, a net like a spider s web but without a spider in the middle.
All linked together, but the information can travel as fast as a telephone or a computer or
telepathic communication can travel. That way anyone that tries to take over the organization
is soon revealed and spotted. OTC has successfully handled 7 such attempts in the last 8
months. Some of them were attempted by other independent groups. Some of them were
attempted by RTC, and some of them were attempted by hired telepathic people by the
Marcabians themselves. Let us not deceive ourselves this time either about the importance of
Scientology for this planet and the universe. This is another thing which was a little bit, let us
say, made of lesser importance than it should have been in the old organization. Everyone was
striving to be recognized where those people, who are suppressing the 4th dynamic, were well
aware of Scientology, and had already made many plans to take it over and to try and keep it
from being recognized. In the highest level conferences in banking and government they used
to discuss Scientology at least 2 hours a week. And they also instructed the press and the
other officials, to make nothing of it and to invalidate it and to keep it seeming like it is some
kind of crazy cult. It is obvious from this that the people who are currently trying to control
the planet do not have clearing as a purpose. Understand this very, very, well.
Because if they do not have clearing as their purpose, they are totally opposed to Scientology,
not individually, but as a group. It threatens the vested interests. Then what is the purpose of
these vested interests? Since we are striving to free people, make them more independent,
clear and sane, then these people have the opposite idea, and they intend to enslave people
and make them less aware and more insane.
And you only have to look around you and find out what the programs are to have this
happen. It s very simple.
Why the sudden increase in Drug-taking in the civilized societies since 1960? Why the
criticisms of all religions and things that would make people more spiritually aware? Why the
more tight control of peoples money and finance and ideas? Why the more threats of war and
civil disturbances and terrorism?
All these are planned. And if we look at the other side of it, the side of clearing, have you ever
spoken to anyone that has gone into an area, let s say in the country, or not near the major
cities, or in a small country and found out how easy, they tell you, it is to expand Scientology
and how eager people are to have it? It works. It handles their problems, their ARC-breaks,
all of their engrams etc. They love it. And in many areas they welcome you with open arms,
and say, "Oh, I want more of that! Would you please talk with us? Will you please come and
talk to the leader of our group, right away?" This has happened many, many times in areas,
where the evil ones have not had much control. But as soon as they hear about it, then they
come in and put the suppression on it. It is rarely a mistake made by the eager Scientologists
in the area.
It's usually -if we look at policy the reason is an omitted use of policy to handle all the various
aberrations that can be dramatized or restimulated on the population. You see this in the field
of Scientology, where the people say, "Oh we don t need ethics out here. And we don t need
Guardian Office activities out here." And believe me, when there are bad activities, off-policy
ethics, and off policy GO-activities, you certainly don't need it. But when they are the correct
ones and done according to policy and the data series evaluations then they are very
So, what we have seen in the last 5 to 10 years is a gradual going away from policy and
implementing arbitraries into the policies and into the organizations. And these were
deliberately done and restimulated on the minds of Scientologists by the outside vested
interests and their infiltrated agents. for reference on more data about that is Sector Ops
Bulletin No. 12, called Models and Scenarios.
The world press criticism of LRH and Scientology stems exactly and directly from these
sources, and the people that were involved with it have actually admitted to it in writing to us.
We have also information from, shall we say, files of various governments, obtained through
the "Freedom of Information Act", or the "Freedom of Looking Act", that first of all there
have been plants into the organization in high positions since the late sixties and being well
paid by the governments and pretending to be very good Scientologists. But only pretending.
And you noticed, that they never went around an auditor that was C/Sed by somebody who
was trained by LRH. They never got near an auditor who was trained or C/Sed by LRH. And
if they did, they demonstrated very strange case-phenomena such as no case-gain, incredible
withhold-phenomena, and always trying to excuse it and saying it is something else.
One such planted agent in the USA had 300 hours of audited NOTs without case-gain.
There are many more stories, but I am not interested in the stories right now, I m just
interested in giving you the picture, of why the organization and the ethical surroundings of
the technical lines is very necessary in any game or any attempt you are going to make to get
tech in. The tech can be given at reasonable prices, the tech can be given with high ARC, and
it should be, and it should be in a friendly and safe environment. But there should be
something else as well. It should be an on-policy and on-ethics environment. The gauging of
the importances of the various policies is a very important thing to do.
In the Free Zone or with the people who carry on with Scientology in spite of anything we
have found out that there are certain importances in policy and tech of course to be used while
we are coping.
For instance, if an auditor is not trained to do a certain action, we can without going through
half a year course and keep the PC waiting we can check the person out on that action and get
a "Qual OK" to audit that action and do it.
This is the original Qual - Policy, that qual gives all the OKs to audit anyway, no matter
whether the person is trained or not. If he hasn't taken the auditor course for a certain list he
has to do, the next thing on the PC is a list, and no other auditor for a 100 miles, and he is the
only one, and the PC needs that list- well, he can be trained to do that particular action and go
and do it. If he went away to get trained that would be only one hundredth part of his training,
but he would be away for six months.
How do you think all the processes and the training levels were developed anyway by LRH.
The courses were not the first. The auditing processes were the first. We are just going back
to this historical thing.
LRH had to train auditors himself to audit the processes, that he developed. And each time on
the Flag Ship, when he would develop a new process or a new level, he would first train one
or two auditors to do that process, particularly that particular thing, and use it on a few PCs.
That might be with one bulletin or one LRH-handwritten despatch.
Later, as it was proven that that was the way, as I mentioned in the last lecture, that that was
the correct way to get through the room, and it all worked on all levels of cases, then it would
be written up as bulletins. And you might then eventually in 4 or 5 months have a whole
course for that. And then would come the thing that everyone must be trained on this because
there was now enough material to make a whole new class of training. Now this is of course,
where the Class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII auditors courses came from. Of course the Class VIICourse
as well because it was for specific processes, power processes. The class VII auditors
were for that. But the first people, who audited them at Saint Hill were only class VI, And
they were checked out on the processes in qual, and then they started auditing it under
supervision. And from that developed the class VII course.
So we have to repeat the evolution, until we are big and strong enough to have these various
facilities again. You understand that is a more important policy of following the research and
the development line on a proper gradient. We already have all the research done, so it s just
the development of the tech. And it s not the tech, that we are developing, we are just
developing the policy around it. We are putting in more and more policy on a gradient. That
way it has to be done to actually survive. If you try to apply all policy at once, then you can t
do anything, because somebody will come up and say, you don t have a certificate to do that,
and there is no real HCO here, and there is no real Qual here, and there is no real CS here, and
you have no OK from this, and even no Flag here, so you can t do anything. And if you can t
do anything you fail.
So you must judge the importances very carefully and apply on the proper gradient the
policies, that you can apply at that time, which will ensure the success and won t stop the
Let me repeat the last sentence: You must gauge very carefully, when you are coping, like we
are doing, the exact policies you can apply at the level of the gradient where you are, which
will result in success and expansion, and which will not stop the development of the
organization and expansion. You are essentially therefore being confronted with what is the
purpose of what you are doing. I refer you back to this drawing that we mocked up here.
What was the purpose of LRH when he started developing Dianetics? Well, he wanted to help
people. He wanted to help them spiritually. He wanted to remove the aberration. He wanted
them to regain their abilities. It was a doingness. It was the activity of auditing.
Now, maybe, another policy leaps to mind: "Any auditing is better than no auditing". So these
are the important policies, the ones that when you follow the purpose line and how LRH did
this, and how he developed the organization to surround the technology and protect it and
expand it. These are the important ones, you can see them yourselves very clearly. Just like
the one I mentioned before: "No case on post", because not everyone is totally trained and
processed at the beginning. And "Any auditing is better than no auditing", because if you want
to stop all auditing, then you don t clear.
But, of course, the best auditing is standard. And we have all the standard auditing processes.
And now we are putting in the correction of all the auditors and PCs that have been messed
up in the past. So essentially, what we are doing here in Frankfurt is, we are putting in Qual.
There are many people auditing, there are many little tech areas around, but we are putting in
a qual action, which is to actually select out the exact policies and correct the exact outnesses
that will permit the expansion steadily of the tech areas again. And that is the whole purpose
of this lecture, so that you see that viewpoint.
I have seen people in the past go through policy volumes for many hours to try and find a
policy, that says "You can t do that". But those people were only interested in stopping. They
weren't interested in making it go, in making it expand. Now, of course, this is not a license to
violate policy. It is an invitation to use policy analytically, which of course is another failure of
the old organization. I can give you one great example of it right now: concentration on
statistics, without ensuring there were products behind those statistics.
I mean, if you wish to make a false stat, you could say, "We have 4 billion Clears, the whole
planet is clear, it s finished". But where are the products? That is why LRH eventually after
writing all the volumes O to 7, wrote the Management Series where it tells you in there the
data series and the organization series and production organization actions -and what is
important. That s why that volume, the management series is very important. It tells you what
the important things are.
The whole purpose of this lecture then is to reinstill in people who might have been
disappointed in policy and ethics in the past, and sort of rehabilitate their failed purpose in the
use of policy and ethics by bringing them to a point where they can see it as an analytical tool
that Ron had to use to handle all these little dots on planet Earth without getting so involved
in the spaghetti.
A little bonus on the end of this: You may also have seen in this a reflection of dynamics. The
first auditing by an auditor in the field usually involves only the first and second dynamics. The
auditor is handling the person and his family associates and maybe audits the wife and the
husband and children, and maybe there is some things to do with that, and he can usually
handle that pretty well because most auditors, who are in good shape, can confront family
problems, they confronted their own, and so they handle family problems and people pretty
But when it moves to the area of third and fourth dynamic it s a bit harder to confront. There
are many third dynamics on this planet, that are very, shall we say, have a lot of MEST power.
When you move into the area of policy, however, you are in to third dynamic technology.
Because what you are doing is, you are organizing a group around a common purpose. And
the goal and the purpose are always at the top of the admin scale. That s another very
important thing, by the way, because policy, although we know you shouldn't be off policy, no
policy should be off purpose. And the purposes shouldn't be off or away from the goal. This
is, what is called aligning the admin scale. Alright, that's in the Management Series.
You are seeing here a third dynamic technology, and as soon as you start applying that in
planet Earth you run into those who are attempting to control all the third dynamics and
enforce control on the whole fourth dynamic.
So there is another level of dynamic confront, that is needed by the group. Because the
purpose and the goal can not go forward if there is a very powerful 4th dynamic conspiracy to
suppress it. So you use Scientology and its tech and its policy to handle that also.
Now we can expand this even further. Because there are many kinds of 4th dynamics on this
planet, mankind is only one of them, supposed we had all of certain 4th dynamics of insects,
that were against mankind, and we had to fight those also, or supposed we had 4th dynamics
of bacteria and viruses and so on that were against mankind and we had to fight those, or
certain kinds of animals, you see we are another 5th dynamic.
Well, in actual fact, as you go through the 4th dynamic level of confront, you find there are
such things. What are these strange diseases that inflict many of mankind? You know, these
viruses and cancers and things like that, and we can show you books also where it is shown
that the, shall we say, enslavement purpose people, the people who have the purpose of
enslavement, are utilizing research and science in these virus and bacterial areas to further
enslave people, so they actually use the 5th dynamic against mankind.
And in the 6th dynamic we find the same thing. Certain electromagnetic radiations and certain
chemicals of matter, energy, space and time such as drugs are being used against mankind as
And we also can peek into the 7th dynamic. And we find out, there are several classes of
thetans, that are being used against mankind. Spiritual things. We can also take a look into the
8th dynamic and say, "What are the gods, that these evil ones are saying, are their gods?" A
lot of them worship a thing called Lucifer, which is, we all know, the devil.
If you are a good Scientologist, you note that it is probably just an implanted item from the
track. But it is very effective in controlling humanity through secret societies of black magic
and things like that. Mystery.
And we look into the 9th Dynamic, and we see some anti aesthetics, a sort of off - purpose
aesthetics. They go on, they try to make people sort of not think, and just sort of going
around in a daze most of the time. They are actually showing you what are the dynamics of
the evil ones or the Marcabian side.
Some of the music, some of the art, is totally insane. It is only art, because there are enough
insane people to appreciate it. It is a communication line to them.
I went into the Pompidou - Museum in Paris, and I saw a demonstration of modern art. An
entire floor of the museum given away to that. It actually smelled bad. A big board with old
shoes and dirty socks and pieces of shit and paint all over, posted up as an example of modern
art. And this kind of stuff and twisted shapes and all kinds of distorted bank-type pictures and
people going through there, going "Oh yes". The whole floor given over to this, a real
Marcabian art show.
Let s take a look at their ethics, dynamic 10. Lets look at the ethics dynamic on the planet,
that we have to handle as well. Ethics in the current world consists of two things. Actually 3.
They are in fact the same thing. They club people who resist with money, with legal, and with
These are the gradients of ethics in the wog-world. They try to fine you or take your money, if
you won t have that, court cases and legal actions, and if you won t have that, then it is the
mafioso actions, and they throw you in the jail or send some guys to blow up your house, or
whatever. Why do you think all these people, who did a little resistance got assassinated in
the last 50 years? I refer you to an excellent book that was published by VAP Wiesbaden,
which is by Des Griffin, called "Descent into Slavery". He explains this very well. Here I am
not talking about the normal justice of the city or the state, the normal things that you see in
the rules that go well. I'm talking about the justice of the enslavers where someone is going
against their actual plan. They try those 3 actions.
That s if you can escape the first light gradient which is just black PR. Now, that is why you
see such things such as models and scenarios being performed on the world leaders and /
opinion leaders and inventors and people who go away from that side and try and free people
and try to give them new inventions and try to make their life better, you find them being
attacked with those methods.
I can give you examples of Scientologists, who have invented fantastic new things. And first
of all they were told, "It didn't work". Black PR. Next they proved it worked. So next they
would be tried to be bought off with money or restricted with money so that they couldn't get
any to develop. And next legal actions were put against them, and next threats of force. And
finally force itself.
They might have even used things from the fifth dynamic, like some of those viruses and so on
that we were talking about. There are several stories of this, people that have invented things,
not only in Scientology, but in the regular world, that have tried to free people.
This is not a dramatization. The people, who are doing that know exactly what they are doing.
It is a deliberate restimulation. It is intended to frighten everyone by example not to do the
same thing. Having those dynamics of the other side- (and you know what your own
dynamics are towards freedom and so on, and a new civilization and a renaissance of arts and
aesthetics, and a generally high ARC,high KRC planet)- and when you see the difference you
see what the job is you have to do with policy and with all of the data series and handling all
the rest of the dynamics. You can also analyze from this little talk exactly who is in the camp
or is on the side of the people who would destroy freedom. There are people who use the
purposes and policy of the enemy.
So you can even analyze the old church by that criteria and you can see exactly whose policy
and purpose they must have.
I hope, that has been helpful and instructive to you, and I also want to tell you, that the great
mass of humanity still lies in the spaghetti, but they also have their own abilities, and they are
deliberately being restimulated to keep them from realizing those abilities.
The main technology method of the Marcabian side is concentrating their intention on keeping
people at fear and below on the Tone Scale. 1.0 all the way down to apathy. Because then
they can control all the planet with their 1.1-actions. That is why they would then be the
highest toned people on the planet. 1.1 .
They really can not confront Scientologists at all, because my goodness, they are most all
above 2.0 on the scale. And all those Marcabians have retained certain OT-abilities
themselves, because they are relatively new to the planet, the ones who are here recently. You
can handle 99% of them by TRs. A good TR1, "Get out of here", and they will.
So they are not very effective, except the cases, where the people have so much spaghetti
around them that they are restimulated by their intensity and their flow. And the thing they
fear most, of course, is exposure of themselves: 1. as being aliens to the planet, 2. as being the
masterminds behind trying to suppress all the people of earth, 3. as being the people who are
stealing you all blind of all your gold and real currencies, now owning more than 60% of the
wealth of the world and 4. of having their basic false data exposed such as man only lives
You see, if man only lives once, then you can really scare the hell out of him with death. They
are also being afraid of the money being found out to be worthless they are issuing. And they
are also afraid of the wrath of humanity, once all the other four things are found out. They are
very afraid of mob action against them. That s why they protect all their premises and so on
with very heavy security operations. What other explanation do you have? They are running
the terrorists. They are running the communists. They are running most of the politicians. So
they can tell them, "Don t do anything to our area."
No, they are afraid of people, that aren't under their control. And there are lots of people that
are not under their control. There are lots of people that are in apathy and don t know what to
So that shows you that they don t have a control over the planet yet, and in fact, a very
accurate analysis, they only have a great deal of control in the western world. They are only
using 1.1 tactics with the rest of the world. And it is only at the top levels, they have the
control. They don't have the control through the middle and the bottom areas and the ordinary
people in the street.
They don t have that control. They try to enforce it with the 5th and 6th dynamic procedures I
mentioned before -the drugs and electronics and radiation, and blabla stories on TV, and so
on. So that gives you a pretty good picture of the world as it exists today.
For more Information you can refer to the Sector Ops Bulletins 18, 19, 20 and 21 to see what
more of the game is being played on the 4th and the 7th dynamic and other areas of games.
Do you see the importance of policy and ethics in use to protect the technology in such an
environment as this planet, which is constantly being restimulated at all times by intention of
people who try and control?
Anyway, we must acknowledge here that Ron did have the answers. He gave them all to us in
his policy and tech volumes and his tapes, and we are here on that purpose line, and therefore
we have all the materials we need to carry on and do it.
And whatever civilization comes out of this, because remember the definition of a civilization
"an economic engine, fueled by ideas", all the moving parts are exchanges. And the fuel which
keeps this engine running, is ideas. If people don t have the ideas there can t be any exchange.
Because ideas result in products whether it s an art product or a physical product you can buy.
All those things you see in this room are ideas somebody had, and now they can be
exchanged. And that is what makes a civilization. Of course it has to be based on somethingsuch
as a planet, and that's Earth. So the new civilization can exist. Once the economics is
freed up of suppression, exchange can occur freely.
This is not capitalism, by the way, it's a free exchange society. People try to confuse them and
say they are the same thing. They are not. Free exchange society postulates a stable currency.
A stable medium of exchange which can be used, or barter, so that a person can produce and
actually exchange without having to borrow, by applying, of course, the condition formulas of
ethics, and work himself into a higher condition and then cope and organize. In that way you
can expand.
Capitalism is the making of money by use of money. It has nothing to do with production and
exchange. Communism is just a slave state. The ideal scene of the Marcabians, -where it is just
a little group at the top that runs it. And all ideas and all exchanges are totally suppressed and
The ideas in the New Civilization are those ideas which promote the survival of the dynamics.
This does not include biological, chemical and atomic warfare, but it should include things like
use of the same scientists to create food for the entire planet. And energy sources so that
everyone is freed of the necessity of having to purchase large amounts of inefficient energy.
So you start to see, by reading "The New Civilization Game", exactly what could be achieved.
This is a game to expand into when we clear people. You have to give them a game. You can
t just free them into nothing.
This is covered in the policy "Mistakes of Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz", which is the
famous Bolivar-Policy, written by LRH. It is an ethics policy. You see it is all very important
what LRH wrote down there in green on white.
And to finish off, I just want to say, anyone, who has a logical and analytical viewpoint of all
this can look through all the written works of man, all the written books, and they will never
find anyone who has put it so clearly, and so fully there on how the dynamics can survive.
The only people who would criticize such a person or such a being, must then be those people
who do not want those dynamics to survive and expand. Anyone can trace back to the sources
these criticisms and do a proper ethics action on them. I guarantee you, the tracing of these
criticisms will go back originally and will come from the original attacks against LRH and
Scientology. The people, who were doing that attack, they are all on the side of enslavement.
What people should be doing is looking at how LRH set up a situation so that we could enjoy
and play a game of freeing people and analyze all the activities and reports and data in the
light of these two purpose lines. One of freeing people into a New Civilization or enslaving
them in an old and apathetic civilization. And any logical person, who has no case on post,
will come to the correct answer.
And I think, by doing that, his purposes in Scientology and on the planet would be
So we must thank Ron for even the way to rehabilitate those purposes once they have been
side tracked or confused. He truly has stated in the tech, in the red on white, that we can
handle all cases. Anyone who will sit down to be audited we can handle. So, as the nucleus of
the New Civilization, all we have to do here is make sure that the tech continues and that
policy continues and the proper ethics continues and it all expands and we inform more and
more people.
In that way I think we will very quickly achieve what we want, which of course is, again,
clearing of the spaghetti all over here and giving the little points here, which all now become
little thetans, a purpose and a game that will help them and the planet to survive and
eventually will enable them to be welcomed again into the community of other civilizations in
the galaxy.
And that is simply, what we are doing. There are no secrets about it. And anyone who tries to
find hidden meanings in that will not find it. That is what Ron and the people who volunteered
to help him or who willingly joined him realized or saw or agreed to when they did so, I think,
that if they realized that, they might have a purpose like that too, they may have had the same
purpose themselves many many years before that, and they merely aligned their purpose.
In all of these cases we have people who can and will make a New Civilization and clear the
planet. And therefore we can acknowledge again, what LRH has given us, which is
worthwhile, and which is fun. And there are no secrets about that as long as we are all
promoting that there is red on white, there is green on white, and all of his works if it is
applied correctly. And let us do so.
And to end off, once again I will end off with this statement, because I have heard so many
strange statements by people who now say that they don t even call themselves Scientologists.
How on Earth or in the universe could such a thing as Scientology or these policies or books
be an implant? I have audited many people on implants, and I have audited myself on many
implants, and I will guarantee you, in all the reading I have done in my life and other lifetimes,
I have never never anywhere found those implants written up and given freely to everyone so
that they realize that they were implants and handle them. Implants by their very nature must
be kept secret so they will be effective on the person. He doesn't know they are there. He just
operates reactively.
No, the true measure of implantation is, they never tell you, they are implanting you, and give
you a textbook to tell you what they are doing. Never has it happened. When you can really
know and understand things and hear and apply it, that s analytical stuff, that's not reactive.
Implants are reactive. Truth and knowledge and application and results are analytical. In
conclusion then I will again say: "Thank you, Ron, for all of the technology!"
And I ask again, are there any questions here about anything I've said? Otherwise I will end
off the tech briefing at this point.
Question: Don't you want to announce the attestations?
Oh yes, I wanted to mention a little success, that we have had our first Clear in the Frankfurt
Network. (We call it Ron’s Organization and Network for Standard tech. That abbreviates to
RON'S). It was attested last Sunday so we are already started people up the bridge and the
people are moving up at a very good rate. We are also in communication right now with 5
other of our network people all over in the various countries of Europe, and they have also
given us their support, and are willing to exchange with us and help develop there, and we
help them and they help us, so there is starting to be some sort of the network part of Ron s
going on in Europe.
Thank you very much.
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